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My life of bad luck

Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2014
Tags: Auto   2014 February   Money

It always seems like anything that can go bad around me does. I think positive and all the other things people say but nothing seems to work. When I was a baby and being circumsized, (I don't think that's how its spelled), the scalpel broke. And just random cases of bad luck at least once a month sometimes once a week. But recently I was cut off by a truck on by motorcycle. Which caused me to crash. I wasn't hut more than scrapes. A week later I was riding with a friend in his car and we got hit on my side by a suv that ran a stop sign. A week later I get a paper in the mail saying the Texas Board Of Nursing is going to need 6 more months to review my eligibility to become a nurse so I wasn't able to start in January. Next week I get a paper in the mail saying I have gotten to many traffic violations in the past years so I am getting my license suspended. the next week I get a letter from my insurance saying that I will no longer be covered because my license will be suspended and when I go check for insurance the cheapest place I can find is around 500 a month. the next week I try to get a job again as a CNA. My interview was on February 3,2014 everything was good I got the job and they checked to make sure my CNA license was still valid. It expired February 2, 2014. I immediately send the information need to get it renewed. 5 days later I am out with friends on my last weekend before my suspension takes place. and I get pulled over for speeding and changing lanes without a blinker. Only to find out that It became a class B misdemeanor in January and I spent the weekend in jail and currently have to pay 2500 for a layer 500 to bond out and get my bike out of impound not to include the additional money for the charge and possible jail time. the next week I get the paper back for the CNA board and I put my first and last name in the wrong order so I have to resubmit it. I do this and resend it the same day. I get it back on Saturday the same week. I received the paper work and had to now send the approval letter and 95 dollar money order and the application to the testing place. I get a letter from them the next weekend saying they got the 95 dollar money order and the application but didn't get the approval letter so I need to resubmit it which will take another week for me to receive then another week to hear back from the testing place. And that is where I am at now. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little bit of money do receive from student loans for taking a few bs classes this semester never showed up? It gets direct deposited every semester but it just happened to not show up.

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three long years of bad luck and counting.

Posted by smartpeoplethink at February 12, 2014
Tags:   2014 February

Three years ago I met this hair dresser in a hair store because I was looking for something that would define my curls better. She walked up to me because I was obviously speaking to loudly to my aunt about my hair problems. I had grown my hair long after going natural four years prier and this was my first month really attempting to style my hair. I suffered four years of feeling less attractive to see myself with beautiful healthy hair for once. The day I met this hair dresser I was given a huge discount if I would only drive to her home which seemed reasonable. The day I went there I met the hair dressers son who was obviously mentally ill because he kept screaming where's my gun mom I'm gonna kill you, while I stood in her living room shocked. If your wondering why didn't she just leave because she's scared for her life at that point. Well I didn't have a car and my aunt dropped me off at her apartment and drove about forty five minutes away to her pre planed hair appointment. Her hairdresser was too ...

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My Bad Luck

Posted by Highschoolkid at August 26, 2013
Tags:   2013 August

To understand my story, you have to know that I'm in high school, so my problems are slightly different than those of adults. So it started in freshman year when I tried out for varsity volleyball and swimming, along with the schools most prestigious choir and band. Now, not to brag or anything but I'm pretty good at all those things, so naturally, I thought I'd get in to at least one of them. But I didn't. In fact, I didn't even make first cut. I thought it wasn't fair and was upset, but I eventually got over it. Then in Sophomore year, the same thing happened only, I had added the drama program to the list. And again, I didn't make anything. I was seriously depressed and was on the verge of crying. But I got over it, thinking that it would be better the next year. So junior comes along and I tried out for all the above and hoped for the best, only I was beaten by kids who played worse than me, had slower times than I did, and were not as good actors as I was. There are many kids who are better than me and deserve those spots on the team, but at the same time, there were many who were not as good as me, that made the team. So this naturally upset me as I had wasted many hours on auditions and tryouts, for nothing. I had nothing to put on my college apps and I had been depressed for a long time. It didn't pass for a long time and my parents got worried so they started to talk to my counselor and had me go to different psychologists. By the end of the year I was brand-new. Then it was senior year, and OF COURSE I had to try out to see if I would even be given priority over the freshman, but my bad luck kicked in, and I was the ONLY senior who didn't make it into any of things I had tried out for. I was beaten by underclassmen after underclassmen. And now I'm here typing this stuff because I feel that my bad luck should be shared.

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July fucking sucks

Posted by anonymous at July 5, 2013
Tags:   2013 July

I have bad luck every year around July. 5 consecutive years including what's happened so far in this one. Start with getting arrested August 2nd, 2009, then jump to another arrest July 27th, 2010, then jump to getting addicted to drugs, losing all my savings, being homeless, and losing my job all within July 2011 with the final blow being entering a rehab clinic that I'm still in debt to on July 23rd, 2011. Then we move to July 2012, where the girl I proposed to breaks up with me, fucks someone else, then moves to another state and immediately marries someone she met in person one single time. After that I relapsed onto xanax, borrowed money I couldn't pay back, and almost had sex with someone who had herpes. So far this July, and I'm only 5 days into it, but so far I've had another relationship end, I've injured myself, I'm in debt, and my car has been smashed up as drunken payback for telling someone they needed to get help for their drug problem. I can't imagine the prospect of 25 more days of this.

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worst week ever

Posted by anonymous at January 11, 2013
Tags: 2013 January   Money

It started on Monday 7th 2013 i have been trying to start my own business for around 2 years now tried to get help but never got very far at all anyway the week before the 7th i decided to sell nearly everything i own to get my van and licensing cost around 5,000 i was so happy and Monday was going to be my first day as a self employed person come Monday i had around 7 removal jobs booked in for the day and it was going great just at the end of the working day i got a call to go to quote a job, i turn up and the guy says its all out back as im walking behind him he moves a fur tree branch out the way and it flings back and hits me right in the eye i could not see for all the water coming out the next day i wake up and still cant see anything in that eye i look in the mirror and my eye is a deep red i rush to hospital to be told its damaged my puple and im looking at min of 8 weeks to recover and that's only if i don't need surgery.
i was then reported to dvla as unfit to drive, on Wednesday i get a call from an insurance company i got a quote with and they decide to tell me they took the money out of my bank so they are insuring the van but i already have insurance when i tell them this they tell me they will refund the money but will be charging me fees after an argument on the phone i agree in order to get some money back. then today (Friday) i decide to sell the van only had it a week and cost me 1500 a guy comes and starts to point out a big gaping hole in the back of the van the door has been jimmied open at some point and i cant pop the bonnet as the lock is missing. i call the garage i brought it from he said what did you expect for 1500 and hung up so now i am medically in a bad way stuck with a van i cant use or sell and to skint to pay my rent and all this is because i wanted to try work for myself.

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Story of my life

Posted by Nameless at December 25, 2012
Tags: 2012 December   Relationship

There's this one girl I like but then i didnt pursued her because she already has a boyfriend. Because of my love for her, i waited for her until she broke up with her boyfriend. I was trully happy to hear the news that finally they already broke up. After a few days, i noticed that my best friend was getting close to a girl i didnt know who at first. They first started chatting until they already went into dating. I was happy for my friend for i didnt know who was the girl was. My friend told me that she already won the girls heart, and he wanted me to meet her. When i saw the girl he was talking about, my head explodes, and my heart experienced a lot of pain for the girl he was talking about was the girl i love that i waited for a long time. It really sucks that the person who took the girl i love was my bestfriend. FUCKING BAD LUCK!

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I finaaly got a new car

Posted by autumn at September 23, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 September

y would by me new car becuase of her job then she got promtion and made more money then yesterday she let's get you new car we took my old RAV4 We wen to a dealer oh toyota an dthe car I wanted was gone so I decided to see if the could get that car but when i entered the showroom i aw a black Sienna. Amini VanIt was the touring model and more expensive so asked on of the guys if they had that in the LX in that color and they I took for test drive and the ride was very smooth so i settled for it and the A/c was very cold. I wonder if the heat is very hot. It has cruise control am/fm cd radio I did bot getthe XM Satilte doue to the price of the subscription. I am 16 soon to be 17 and o work a t drug store with mu cusion Lola and my freind KAt. Kat's got us a job there My 0.% apr inacning and it drog themonthypayment down and the down payment was low. it is 2013. I s\di know it was next year's mdel.. I will take to came nex summer as it will be Knoxville Tennussee insted of North carolina in the middle of nowhere. we alomost got rapped there after a the creek behind the cabin flooded and callapsed the back of the cabin. and the drifge on the road to get was underwater.

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Posted by Thomas at September 15, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 September   Weather

Why can't ever get out of the bad luck on my birthday Either some wea bad weather comes or the state get s flooed or I am sick and I am begining to hate it Why me. Get sick with a kidney stone and wait till the next two to deal with it. I hate feeling this wy but my birthday is bad for myself and other folks and some folks I don't even know. Iam tired of this becuase every year it the same old shit that I out up with.. last i din't feel so good. I hope i recover before my birthday. I week tor ecover.

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I feel like I was a mistake from the start

Posted by JC at August 22, 2012
Tags: 2012 August   Health

My mom had me for a promised 50,000 bucks from my dad. From that ignoble beginning, things have never really worked out. Dad never gave the money and my mom never really forgave me. I had to make up for it by being a poster child for her supposed success.

Every day I had to stand by her side while my dad yelled and beat us. Being a property owner, he was always too timid to demand rent from any non-paying renter and he used us as the main scapegoat. Meanwhile, we were all reduced to poverty status for many years as my dad kept starting new projects he had no idea of how to handle, leading to further losses and years of fruitless work for us all.

I did quite well in school, but was always considered unusual. When college came around, I was forced to stay at home and work on two jobs to support the family as my dad began his crowning mother of all business projects. As expected, it was a huge disaster and my mom was forced to resolve all the issues, which gave her a heart attack at the age of 53.

Though the main artery was almost completely blocked, she recovered, but my college experience became five years of hell. I turned to alcohol, cigarettes, and weed. I dont know how I managed to graduate and hold down the jobs with at least satisfactory performance. The only thing keeping me sane was work, which paid quite well and which I enjoyed.

But I was never able to find a girlfriend or meaningful companionship. My my very nature, I cannot switch my feelings toward people. I only feel an intense, permanent love for the same girl, which has lasted my entire adult life, making me unable to find any substitute. But she never saw me as a potential boyfriend, and I was forced to watch her get bamboozled by boyfriend after abusive boyfriend.

So here I am, an emotional wreck, forever regarded as a social misfit, always espying starry-eyed at the same girl I feel I can never get, and slowly being destroyed my my inner demons of alcholism.

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car driving lessons

Posted by Aleena at July 24, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 July

I hate my existence, my parents expect so much from me, but i know that at the end of the day its all for my own good.
Despite taking more than 30 driving lessons, im still crap at it, i just wish a miracle can happen, where for the next lesson i can be soo good that the bloody driving instructor would be amazed, its her who makes me nervous, i wish i had my own car as to which i can learn in, as the instructors some how just make me feel nervous the same feeling that i will not be up to their expectations.
And if i tell my parents they will consider me a complete stupid failiure.
I hate it all. And i have no one to talk to, inorder to take away the feeling of bottling it all up!
I just really want to be good at driving, to have my own independence, but my stupid capabilities are just not working as good as they were, since my crappy past of being bullied and completely taken the mick out way back in school, and then some time later, my little sister passed away in hospital, as she was very ill.
Why can't i feel that for once im in control of my life, where no matter what i still remain strong and confident.
I want to succeed. Hopefully i can amaze the bitch of a driving instructor that i can drive to the high standards for the test.

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two for one

Posted by kiwi at July 7, 2012
Tags: 2012 July   Relationship

I met a guy on a dating site i have been talking to for almost a month and had a great connection with. On july 4th went to a family barbeque and saw this man with my cousin. They were on there first date. I almost pee my pants because we obviously met him on the same site. So embarrassing. Every year in july i have bad luck. I wonder whats next to come.

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Food cut cam short

Posted by Kat at July 2, 2012
Tags: 2012 July   Weather

I went to camp and we supoose to be back unti mid July. Anight back we alsppe and it sarted raining that day at bout %AM the back of the cabin collapsed and we notice the creek behind the cabin haf flooded it banks from what we coukd see with the flash lights we all quickly got dress and wen the front some counselor ask if we were fine and the y counted to make sure we were all there they gave to collect our stuff from the cabin. and head for high ground luckily my car was on higher ground me and Autumn had a dry place and they they made all the cmpers leave I got my parking slip the I had show to leave We we got the bridge a ranger told that the beidge was floode with Hiogh beams all you was the tops of the guard rails He escorted me to the highway snthe other side of camp and I got lost and I ended 28 miles from where i should have which was the interstate we spend the rest of the night and all morning at a cheap roach infested Motel. I never wnat in a hole in the wall like that again. I wasin fear of being raped with all hispanica nad weiros and balck folks that looked suspicous. Why does stuff happen to me.

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untitled story

Posted by nadia at June 21, 2012
Tags: Computers   2012 June

so im in an intence sumer class in college. it stared two weeks ago next week will be on midterm. we were suposed to do an essay for every chapter we read 6 total,due next week and big 5 page essays due tomorow. i was bout done with all the essays and 4 days ago and my computer crashed loosing all my information and essays i had there. i took it to get it fixed yesturday i got it today and stared working on the big one again wish is due tomorow ... i was done with it went to go save it and the freaking computer freazes and theres no way to get it back... im so gona fail this class =/

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Rough day

Posted by anonymous at June 4, 2012
Tags:   2012 June

It's my first day taking over as manager of a struggling college book store and I'm talking to my employees about what I expect. I'm already nervous because I'm only a few years older (26) than they are (all students). I stretch out my hands to make a point and knock down a shelf full of books over my head. I get hit on the head by the spine of a huge hardcover calculus book and I'm knocked dizzy. Everybody laughs so I ignore the pain but I have a headache all day.

That night I have a dinner date. I'm meeting the parents of the guy I'm dating for the first time. He's a great guy, very traditional, and I want to make a good impression. I took asprin earlier in the day but now my head is splitting and I'm already sitting at dinner. I'm halfway through my plate of spaghetti and I get seriously nauseous and throw up all over my sun dress.

His mother insists on trying to clean it right then and there. I'm wearing his father's oversized jay cutler football jersey and I go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and the room is spinning around. I'm thinking "no, no, don't faint, not here". I'm wearing socks and the floor is slick from vinyl cleaner, no rug. I do the splits (thank god I'm flexible), hit my chin on the toliet rim and really knock myself out this time. My boyfriend said his mother finds me first. My legs are in a full side split, knuckles on the ground, head pitched forward over the bowl. I'm bleeding from the mouth because I bite my tongue on the way down. I also pee my underwear. I must make quite a sight to his mom, talk about first impressions.

I wake up in an emergency room with a concussion and severe jaw injuries. I've missed all kinds of time at work. I still have bouts of headaches and blurry vision a month later.

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Posted by Thomas at May 13, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 May

I am is some bad and it is not kidney stone this time is some type od cyst. It mad my back and legs hurt and now my leg and back or fine but my left hip hurts and I can't sit for long eproids of without being in pain so i lay in bed and watch TV. I need to fugure out smeway to sit withou bing inpain. Worse mother Day ever.

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Wrong place.... wrong time

Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 May

Just went to a wedding tonight. I intended to return the dress pants that I bought for it because they weren't very comfortable. Left wedding at 11pm and car broke down on a remote country road. Called and waited about 30 minutes for brother to bring me gas during which time a suspicious car with tinted windows passed me 4 times. Finally my brother brought me gas.... about 1/5 of a gallon of it. Car still didn't start. Had to have him take me to a gas station to get more gas. Finally got back and put another 3 gallons in. Still didn't start (also checked oil levels; fine). Had to have him give me a ride home only to immediately get pulled over by the cops. Apparently it was prom night for a local high school and there were a lot of pranks. Sadly, I was wearing very prom-esque clothing and I was suspiciously parked on the side of the road about a fifty yards from a bunch of pranks. Also, my 23 year old brother who was driving didn't have his license on him to prove he wasn't in high school. Needless to say my pants that I had intended to return weren't very clean anymore after checking my oil and pushing my car to the side of the road. My only saving grace was my own ID and the fact that my car wouldn't start. Altogether a pretty disastrous night.

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Born in Bad Luck

Posted by T at April 15, 2012
Tags:   2012 April

I have always had bad luck ever since I was a child. I was very accident pron every time you turned around I was hurt or sick. And as I gotten older it has just gotten worst. I am homeless, I am unemployed, I don't have nothing going for me. My partner now, spends all our money on sweepstakes machines saying that they are just trying to get us ahead. That is all good but they keep feeding the machines till there is nothing left. For me I lose so I don't bother to even try. I have been trying to get a job but that isn't coming for me.... I am just about at my last straw. I don't know where to go, I don't have no one to help me. I feel as if the harder I try there is always someone bringing me down. And I try to get away from them but every time I try they follow me around and most of the time they want me to be with them constantly. I am thinking more about sucicide to get away and be done with this world.

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My little bit of grief for this month

Posted by anonymous at March 24, 2012
Tags:   2012 March

My story isn't as gut-wrenching as some here, but here it is.

First week of March. Week of Jury Duty and work only pays for first day.

Second week. Rushed to emergency room for kidney stone. Insurance won't cover doctor's bill and only a small percentage of the others. Could only afford some of the meds out of pocket. Missed more work.

Third week. Found passport (yay) in wash (boo). Completely ruined (more mad that the stamp ink faded than anything). Still have five more years on it.

This week. Speeding ticket (I'll cop to that) on my way to work. Already have points on license. Friend got caught elsewhere.

Looking on bright side (still have my limbs, no one has died, etc), but these things do dim the view.

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exam luck

Posted by aryan at March 21, 2012
Tags:   2012 March

every time when results are out I run out of luck. I will end up having a backlog in one or the other subject. will miss the boundary line by just 2-3 marks. most of my friends who don't have hopes or clearing they do. I and some of my friends who have lost will apply for revaluation. they won't have any hopes but still they apply (their requirement will be around 8-10 marks or more) whereas I, I will sure that I will clear and keeping that in my mind I apply. when the results are out they would have cleared and for me not even a single mark would have changed. when they enjoy I will be standing in front of the notice board staring at my unchanged marks with mouth wide open. Till today I have applied around 20-25 papers in my whole career and not even once it did change. exams luck always runs out for me.

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Posted by Maddi at February 4, 2012
Tags: 2012 February   Trauma

Sometimes I feel like God is trying to cause me as much pain as possible as punishment for my Vicodin (pain killer) addiction. I've seriously had like 12 separate extreme random injuries in the past 3 days. First, I lost my Invisalign retainers and so I had to go to the next set before I was supposed to. This basically feels like all of your teeth are being ripped out. Then, while I was surfing, I got hit really hard by my surfboard. I broke two of my toes. Spilled boiling hot coffee all over myself. I've never been a clumsy person & rarely have been injured. But since trying to quit Vicodin I've been in more pain than ever. )

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