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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at October 15, 2009
Tags: Auto Money October 2009

I've had a terrible last few weeks. My car broke down, and it'll cost $1,000 to fix it. I'm enrolled in grad school without a scholarship; so that equals way too much for me to afford. I tried to ride a bike part of the way to school, but the chain got stuck and it took me a while--with a screwdriver and hammer--to get it free.

My dad doesn't work--just plays solitaire--and so my family is in constant need of money.

The fast-food place where I work decided not to schedule me next week. I edited $250 worth of documents for someone and she never gave me my money, just disappeared. Today, I was trying to mail a package and the only FedEx I could get to on the way to school was the only FedEx where their mailing system had been wiped out by the storms here.

This is driving me crazy!


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By Loryn at 19,Oct,12 20:38

That's really thiknnig at an impressive level

By Addriene at 07,Apr,16 20:21

BS low - ralionatity high! Really good answer!

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