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Pick me

Posted by anonymous at October 16, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff Job Money 2010 October

My job was made redundant and got a nice payout of $10500 which was really good as it would keep me going for a few months. My folks and brother told me to put a bit of it on bills etc, and I decided to go on a holiday, I had it all planned out I was really excited to go I havent really been on a holiday with a bit of money before I thought who cares this will not happen again all was falling into place.
Until I went to get my car fixed for coolant issue, first they said it was the water pump $717, still didn't work it was the thermostat $396. When that didn't work they told me the engine was toast that the radiator was done and I would need a replacement engine for them to tell me this was $874.they then said it would cost me $4000 for a second hand engine or $10000 for a brand new one, there was no way i could afford that now.From all there bills it came to $2000. My car ended up being towed to my house and sat in my back yard. I looked around for help to get a cheaper engine and eventually found one. It took a week but I got my car back it cost me $2600 to get it done. All up including towing and the new engine and all the other crap it came to around $5000.
As you would guess my holiday didn't happen and I had to find a job to just so I could keep living. I applied to around 30 jobs and received about 10 replies, one I was excited about sounded awesome and the first interview went well. When I went in for the second I met the people who would be my bosses, I thought it went well. I received a call from the resource manager and told me I was unsuccessful, I asked why and he told me it was because I was to enthusiastic and that I answered to quickly. I applied for other jobs made heaps of train trips, driving and etc. I did this for three weeks I wasted a lot of my money on this and to no success. Two of the jobs I went for called me later on in the day to tell me there not taking applicants at the moment I asked why did I come in for an interview then?
At this rate my funds were getting low and I was pretty bored the money I was putting aside was being used to pay bills, I think out of the 10500 I spent about 1000 on myself.
It was about the 5th week i was getting desperate for money, I had 2 interviews on was really good close to home and sounded like fun it was all going well until they told me I would start on the 22nd November I thought damn I need a job now and when i left I went I can't take this job I'll be flat broke by then.
Then i had an interview for a company in retail, paid well and looked after you I thought iT was awesome by this stage I had no choice to take it I was desperate for money I couldn't hold out for another. So when i accepted I thought awesome I'll take it. Unfortunately the job was in the city and would take me about 85min to get in and about 90 to get home that meant I had no life.
About 3 days before I started I went to drive my car to the shops when i couldn't steer it properly, I had a flat I called the tyre people and they told me I just need a puncture done on it it would only cost $30. I should have known better when I took it there the tyre was torn i needed a new one and the other front tyre needed replacing as well. $300 later there were done.
During when all of this was happening I had an encounter with 4 spiders, one in the toilet , one in the shower, one in the car and the other dangling of my hat, I hate spiders!
I needed payslips for my welfare payments but my old work still haven't sent them to me
The new job sucks bad i got sick a day before and had to force myself to work even though i was exhausted and tired but I need the money so i have to suck it in even though I get home Laredo and end up going to bed an hr after getting home, my friends organize things when i can't afford to go, ive missed events I can't go to. Ive had to borrow money from my dad which sucks because he tells me what happened to the money I had and when i tell him he tells me I shouldn't have put a bit of it on bills from the start (hindsight is a beautiful thing) he keeps nagging at me to do things to help me get money which I've already done but he won't accept it.
So i have all these bills building up, I have no life, my job sucks and I'm borrowing money from my parents and all of my money I had went to my car, job hunting and paying bills. So whatever curse or bad luck spirit has visited my being I would appreciate you leaving me alone.
I do though believe I got this from my dad as he has had some crap luck he keeps saying pick me when something goes wrong and I think it caught onto me, but ill tell you when something goes wrong for me it really happens getting a break doesn't seem likely ive resorted to mystic rituals to ward of evil spirits or whatever they are and im a man of science for crying out loud.

There's more to this but I'm sorry to ramble things just couldn't get any worse I hope venting this helps as the only thing left to happen is my arm falling off or an alien probing me


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By anonymous at 18,Oct,10 07:25

Yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing but foresight is so much better. I hope you learned a lesson or two from all this.

By Chiana at 30,Jan,12 08:55

Great insight. Reileevd I'm on the same side as you.

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