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2 years bad luck and no end in sight

Posted by Wheelock at November 6, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff Health 2010 November

My long string of bad luck started November 2008. I think I cursed myself because the 3 weeks before all this started I was playing around on Halloween with spells and chants from the internet and burning a white candle. In November 2008 my daughter started getting into trouble at school and still is, got the flu in December that year that ruined my Christmas. In February 2009 got cockroaches in apartment. Exterminators came four times. Sometimes exterminators wouldn't even return my calls. In April my car broke down and was told it was not worth fixing. Walked everywhere for six weeks on a worsening arthritic knee. All cars I test drived had obvious problems...such as Check Engine light on and shaking in front end. Summer 2009 had bad toothache. September 2009 new car started leaking water under passenger side floor. September 2009, routine mammogram came up with unknown problem. October 2009, got cold that lasted two months with two secondary infections. November 2009 lifted heavy mirror while house cleaning, hurt back with bulged disk which is still achey and sore a lot of the time, December 2009 knee arthitis turned severe. Tenant in the other half of my duplex committed suicide, so I was thinking I was haunted for months after. Another bad mammogram in March 2010. Just recently my daughter was in a car accident in a car stolen by her underage friend. My daughter's friend ran the cell phone bill up $300 in one month in July 2010. Now I owe $576 right away or I'll be in collection. They said they would settle for $365 in 30 days which is impossible for me to pay because I'm on social assistance and Christmas is 1 month away. And...tonight the Check Engine light comes on in my car. There were other things along the way too...I truly think that I have cursed myself or am suffering from bad karma. No amount of negative thinking could cause all of these problems.


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By anonymous at 19,Nov,10 01:32

Hi looks like me and you are cursed. I am still looking for a witch doctor to remove this spell.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,10 14:44

Don't mess with the occult. I have read many accounts of bad luck after using Ouija boards. A close friend used Tarot cards and got seriously evil results and then burned the cards and swore off the occult.
Be warned.

By BO at 01,Jan,11 00:00

Check engine light comes on on most cars now about every ten or fifteen thousand miles even when nothing is wrong. Just because that light comes on, doesn't mean something is wrong. I had a new car in 1976 that the light would come on, every 15000 miles, and I could reach up, flip a switch and it would go off for another 15000 miles. I drove it 75000 miles never fixing anything on it, just replacing battery, doing oil changes, and changed tires twice. Find a friend who knows about cars ... or a reputable mechanic.

Shaking in front end could be out of balance front tires .... a balance weight coming off one tire can make a shimmy while driving high speed. Make your daughters friend and daughter pay for the phone bill, or maybe if you can prove that your daughters friend ran up the phone bill, talk to her parents, they should be liable,

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