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Good or Bad Luck

Posted by SSJ at November 19, 2010
Tags: Health Lost 2010 November


I was just wondering if u all cud plez help me with something?

Are these instances examples of GOOD or BAD luck?

1)I lost over $100.00 on a crowded main road but got it back. Is it bad that i lost it or good that i got it back?

2) I never miss an episode of Vampire Diaries but at the exact time that it was suppose to start (8:00pm) current went- AT THAT EXACT MOMENT- I was really pissed off but the power came back on 35 minutes later. So is it bad luck that current chose that exact time 2 go or is it good luck that it came back b4 the episode was done?

3)I live in a tropical country and i just found out that i faint whenever the sun is too hot.Well, i fainted 2day in the middle of a crowded station but was it bad luck that i fainted or good luck that i didn't hit the floor as a friend held me up?

Thanks 4 takin the time to read this. I know that it is not as bad as the other stories but i'd just like your opinion please!


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By anonymous at 22,Nov,10 07:03

In answer to points 1, 2 & 3 - WHO CARES?

By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 21:16

If you have to ask, it's not bad luck. When it's bad luck, you'll be lucky if you can still wipe the shit from your pants.

By Tawny at 30,Jan,12 11:29

What an awesome way to epxailn this-now I know everything!

By Gundosefi at 15,May,13 16:40

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By Angii at 02,Oct,13 10:17

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By Melissa at 05,Mar,14 10:32

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By Loradae at 21,Apr,16 13:35

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