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Snow & school

Posted by Thomas at January 25, 2011
Tags: 2011 January Weather

We had six inches od snow a couple of weeks ago and school was out for week. we have no winter break but they are take away the spring break. I was able to get my money back for a cruze I was plannin to take but i can't now my chirldren will nee to be in school they tring to make for the time they had off. I know they can't control the weather but there i snothing i can do. Snow is bad lick for some folks.


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New Comment

By ken at 11,Mar,11 20:08

This just in: weather is not attributable to luck, or vice versa. Weather happens for reasons. There is an area of study in science that focuses only on the weather -- meteorology. That guy on TV actually went to school to learn specifically about it.

Anyway, why do you live in a place that snows? just move if it's so bad that you have to come here and moan about it, as if your story is so important. Did it occur to you that there are probably millions of people in the same general area who also experience the same weather as you?

By anonymous at 22,Apr,11 15:08

you can actually arrange that with the principal saying it is an educational trip and that it will only be a few days...

By anonymous at 22,Apr,11 15:10

this comment was posted april 17 2011

By Mattie at 07,Apr,16 20:42

YMMD with that anresw! TX

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