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only in a week

Posted by boss123 at March 7, 2011
Tags: Accident Auto Broken Stuff 2011 March

so this is in a 5 day period.

1. broke my left mirror on my car
2. was in my friends car and got into a car accident.
2. cracked my phone
3. got my car stuck at least 3 times between the two storms upstate has had in the last week and a half
4. ipod fried from the snow
5. locked my keys in the car while trying to dig my car out, luckly used a coat hanger to pop the lock. To end up locking my keys in my car about 5 seconds afterward due to a lock malfunction.
6. and got a speeding ticket


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By ken at 11,Mar,11 20:02

I have the solution -- just stay away from cars.

By anonymous at 11,Mar,11 20:03

So you're telling us that all of your bad "luck" was the result of your own boneheaded actions? go cry to mama baby

By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 11:11

These problems suck, but they're really not that bad. They are not unsolvable or permanent problems. In a month, you'll forget they even happened.

By anonymous at 26,Nov,11 09:44

1. Fix the mirror
2. Tell your friend to drive more carefully
3. Get a new phone, or use the cracked one.
4. Get a new iPod, or use the fried one.
5. Now that you have your keys, use the keys.
6. Pay the speeding fine.

7. Shut the fuck up about your lame ass problems.

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