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every thing just gone

Posted by anonymous at March 30, 2011
Tags: 2011 March Money

I have read some stories but I didn't think any of them have my bad luck ever.
I graduated from high school 5 years ago I was son of this high paid man we lived rich live we have nice house always the best clothes the best cars so on. after graduation i met that girl i loved I married her. that time my father could supported me with anything. i choose that expansive university where i will earn my degree I studied three years straight i got beautiful child (money fee bills were never problem)
only other one year i will be graduated I already promised with good position in my father's friend company future was pink but everything was about to change.
in the beginning of my final year my dad called my telling me that he needs me to deal with some family biasness f. i thought of it it will be good i just cancel one semester i go back to complete my study just four months pried .
just i arrived home one week my father died from stroke he was healthy kicking no debates no history of illness just like that stroke and died.
after the funeral i just have 1000 $ in my account. The company that my father worked said he didn't have health insurance nor life insurance. my half brother denied that my father have any savings ( whatever i am sure of it) and i have no prove. just days after my father dais my brother asked me to move out. i rent small house this was during the reassertion i looked everywhere for job i couldn't find even my father friend does not want me to work for him any more i lost everything in plink of an eye.
i though they only thing i can do is to complete my study i sold some of my belongings so I can afford my tuition fee than i left my family and went to complete my study just one semester and all money was spent i have no home to go back to i have nothing to complete my study. just one semester from my graduation I don't know how i am going to handle it.
what hurt me the most is my friends or the ones that considered so they just trying anything to drug me down no one of them even handle me an hand or advice or anything to help me.
just sitting in my couch looking back trying to figure what want wrong exactly


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By anonymous at 06,Apr,11 09:31

You completed High School, you went on to an 'expensive' university, your father paid for everything. Well, reading, or trying to read, your story I'd say that he wasted his money as it seems that your command of English is sorely lacking.

By BO at 12,Apr,11 22:59

your life sucks, but if you hadn't relied on family money so much, and gotten an education, you wouldn't have to worry about it.

Don't give me that last semester of College, because you write like a sophomore in high school, who isn't paying attention in class. Grammar and spelling errors, I would sooner hire a high schooler than you, as those are important aspects of an employee.

Go back to high school, and learn something this time .... then your life won't suck as bad

By anonymous at 16,Apr,11 02:10

dude you have been taking life too easy. welcome to the real world. your dad was nice enough to take care of your responsibilities. it doesn't change the fact they were yours to begin with

By anonymous at 18,Nov,11 16:03

everything went wrong man...its all going down the drain for all of us anyway

By Gundosrya at 09,Jan,12 08:56

Aloha! bbm

By anonymous at 26,Jan,12 01:57

youžll have to get a crappy job on the side, try a government job like working for Parks and Recreation ... save your money, invest in gold

By nygosqd at 23,Mar,12 04:45


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By Alli at 19,Oct,12 15:32

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