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Cursed Car

Posted by Cory at August 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 August Auto

I was leaving sonic with this girl and i get pulled over for not using my signal and he asks why im not driving with license but i am in fact driving with one i just havent renewed it to get my six months restrictions off so he told me to drop the girl off at her house and followed me all the way there and it was very embarassing and then the next morning im on my way to soccer and im running late and everyone around me is going the same speed and we pass a highway patrol and he turns on his lights and of course pulls me over and gives me a $202 ticket well then a couple hours later i get home and go to get something out of my car and i go to open it and its locked i dont know how it is but it is and my keys are in the passengers seat so now i cant go anywhere and is going to cost more money to get my keys out......


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By anonymous at 22,Aug,11 03:43

It's called a coathanger.

By Kyou at 28,Mar,13 02:18

LOL Cursed Car

By Tory at 21,Apr,16 13:10

Your post has lifetd the level of debate

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