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Sick so close to my birthday

Posted by Thomas at September 20, 2011
Tags: Health 2011 September

I will b e 38 Thuraday Septamber the 22. Sundy moring I became ill. I am pain and have sharp pain in my stomach and I can't get rid of it unless I eat somethin like Chef Boy Ardee. Good food! I have been able to do numkber 2 for last 51 hours i know hwen i got at 2 AM Sunday Morning. Ican' sleep without being in agony. I really hate it.


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By anonymous at 11,Oct,11 11:22

Dear Thomas,
It's really difficult for me to understand your story.
Please write in English.
By Thomas at 14,Oct,11 00:25

Sorry but iw as in agony form not being able to do numder two for so long and I was still sick on my birthday. Waking up at 2 AM sunday morining in agony bad pain from stomach to my left side to m y back and my back still has not strightened out from that. I ahve eat prunes to keeep me regular and those Activa commcerals are misleading. Keep me regualer my ass.
By Thomas at 04,Nov,11 00:27

It was not cramps it was kidney stones. I have one destroyes and that the one that that had me in agony on my birthdayTat has beedestroyed now I nee to do is pass it hope it wil gone in two weeks wheN igo back to the doctor an get some X-rays to see if it is gone. I hurts to pee. I got in my right I will have that one becuase I got kidney stones attack month after the last one.

By anonymous at 08,Nov,11 16:43

No matter what your problems are, none of them could possibly be any worse than your spelling you fucking idiot. Good luck with your slow and painful death, I will see you in hell.


By anonymous at 08,Apr,12 16:41

Stan I have given my life to Jesus Now try ang get me. I recovered

By Dan at 04,Oct,13 12:17

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By Lore at 05,Mar,14 11:03

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By Starr at 21,Apr,16 14:24

Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-A---R-N-IEN-G!

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