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Run out of luck

Posted by Joker at October 27, 2011
Tags: Job 2011 October

I came out from my bachelor degree during the recession year (2008), and that time I can't get myself employed with average CGPA. Thus, I continued on grad studies for another two year, and recently graduated. Another wave of economy flux again screw my job application, and I have been jobless since half a year ago.

I tried to send as many as I could, only 4 interviews up until now. The one company I'm hoping for is screwing with me, pending my application after the interviews session for about one month plus. This luck is starting to get on my nerves....


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By anonymous at 04,Nov,11 07:43

College no longer gets you a job, only a huge debt you will never be able to pay off.
If you want a good American job, lose your American citizenship, become a socialist, apply for a work visa and change you name to something that sounds like it is from India, like Khlvhkumar Vhlslhvkhllvrklhish.
You will then get an American job immediately and all you family members will get subsidized (free) housing, food (food stamps) and medical care.
By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 18:03

WTF !"?

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 18:04

Work some small jobs in the meantime as you search for some huge jobs. At least you still get an income even if it is not so decent. Don't lose hope.

By Raymond at 02,Oct,13 05:49

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By Richard at 04,Oct,13 12:03

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By Debrah at 07,Apr,16 22:13

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