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One right after another...

Posted by anonymous at November 12, 2011
Tags: Accident Auto Money 2011 November

It all started with not getting paid on time... You see, rent was due and I needed to go pay it. So I did and started moving into the place I had just put a $750 investment into. Days later, after missing a meeting to plan my sisters wedding, we were finally moved out of the old place and into the new place. That is where the 2nd issue occured. The people we were sharing our place with decided to not help us move in and treat us like guests in a place we were paying to live in. They wouldn't move their things out of the common areas, etc... So, I return back to work and get excited to go back to the place I was staying with my cat, of which we had had for a few months and had adopted after permission to bring her allong... That's when number 3 happened.
Threats and not being intelligent are not good traits for people you were supposed to live with. You see, they wouldn't allow the cat in after signing paperwork. So subleasers were needed and we needed to find a new place to live.

And that's when it just kept coming. It was one thing right after another. The subleasers weren't good enough, lies, hate, more threats, yelling in my face, I was even debating on a PPO because I was afraid to even set foot in the place that I had spent over $1000 moving into and traveling to to retrieve the last of my things.

Finally, we were out and our things were safe in a storage unit while we waited to move into the new place we had just signed a lease to (Thankfully with 0 roommates and allows cats with hardwood floors). We had to stay at a hotel until we could move in.

And that's when the final straw hit...

A huge truck ran a red light and t-boned my car. The truck crossed 4 lanes of traffic on a busy day and smacked into my car ruining my laptop which I need to do my homework online for two of the four classes I am taking, and then... Thankfully we had another vehicle. A couple weeks later however, I find out that the cop who had been there had said it was our fault! So now, insurance will go up unless he fixes the MANY errors on the report. Also, due to all these happenings, I have no had time to do any great studying and my grades will be affected by this.

So basically I've been threatened, kicked out, lost over $1000, lost my car, lost my laptop, said I was at fault for another human being's stupidity, and to top it all of, my grades have been affected by my stress and my stress has caused me migraines.


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By anonymous at 15,Dec,11 11:53

I doubt you read this, but there are reports and if what you are saying is true about the truck, then it will stand in court and your insurance will fight.

By at 20,Mar,13 23:42

okay well your having a run of bad luck. i would say that if your luck continues at this rate pretty soon everything about your life will be fucked just like mine is at this point and then you can complain. but yea man you are going through some shit. but not homeless, broke, unemployed, trouble with the law, bad credit, alcoholism, drug addiction, no friends, no life and no woman and a shitty beater car. that's me man. i'll trade you?

By Honney at 07,Apr,16 20:36

That's a slick answer to a chgeilnalng question

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