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My life

Posted by anonymous at November 16, 2011
Tags: Money 2011 November

To start with, im INDIAN, yeah Start callin me Stuff now!! ... but then again.. Not a lucky indian, i speak English with a american accent, dont ask me how but i do!! i dont make much friends with the rest o the dumasses, and yess Im fair as a white chicks ass!!..Ive been working for American corporates in india.. and belive me... theyre a bunch of Serious jokers, all my growing up days.. just kept dreamin of owning a car... and finally when i earn enough.. i cant..coz i dont have good credit.. and thats in effin india( can u believe it)..neway... I woke up one morning, Recieved three messages on my phone from three different gals saying they find me cute and wanna talk.. so i call them up and i have a awessome conversation with all of them... i meet up two on the same day and one decides to come back home wid me... we have a great time, and next morning she tells me shes in love.. i feel happy ..but that bitch meant it.. when i land up in office the next morning i realise everyone is talkin bout it.. and suddenly for a week or so i become the most popular dude around... n what happens next.. the third gal comes to work drunk!!.. and wants to go for a break..i go wid her.. nut she takes me to her car..parked in the lot.. and Gives me a Bj... Happy as a lark i come up the stairs to be greeted by the Team, leader and im ushered to a conference room, where 2 hrs are sittin, it seems one of them saw us in the car and since is office property!! they happily fire me!!.. next day i meet with an accident and im in hospital and i realise my wallet is missing, i call my mom from the hospital and tell her of everything and she says .. i shud come home immediately'theyre too busy to come see me" i call up the credit card company to block my credit and debit cards and they tell me 60000 has been swiped, i say my mom nd tell i dont have money to pay the hospital bills and she says... Ask one of ur gfs... Mom has no time for my dramas... What Gfs??????...i call my dad and before i say nething he says he had a medical examination done and cancer has been detected... i speak to the hospital finance team and they call the cops, after two slaps( indian cops hit u before they are ready to talk to you)they make me sign an undertaking that if i do not pay in two months i run a Court case..i come back home( small shitty place i live in ) and i see the door open, My Two wheeler , my tv , my laptop an desktop computers, even my damn modem are stolen, i just sit there and cry and in comes a call from the credit card company... i try to explain what happend and they say they dont believe, rte after people arrive with cops, again i get slaps and theres a FIR on my name... Luckily i had a gold chain ..that i sell and pay for my bail( my friend signs it but i gtta pay)...i come back home , close the door and cryyyyyy !! i cry myself to sleep and when i wake up in the morning, my owner is at the door askin for his rent... i tell him the whole story and he says i got 1 month to pay up and clear off.. theres been way too many complaints coz too many gals come over all the time .... i check the house for something to sell coz im hungry....only the old Mixer grinder is there, i take it to a shop and he agrees on 500 rs... thats like 10 dollars, but he can pay only tomorrow, so u stay hungry the whole day n nite.... i get a call from my mom..and she says ur dad needs your help.. next sal day i gtta send them atleast 15000 rs... and she hangs up...i call her back and tell her my story .. she says .. she shudnt have given birth to me in the first place.... and goes on to say,,, she doesnt have time for my drama... i sit there on the porch and cryyy and thinkkkk and suddenly feel a sting... a misquote bites me I squash it... and next day i wake up wid a high fever.. hungry as hell and i go to the same hospital and show the doctor.. he runs a test and accertains its malaria.. then i try to run but the guard cathes me ,,, and again i get slaps... and let of with a warning coz im sick... Now im shivering.. Hungry ... and in a Ciber cafe... and writing this... and i dunno how many slaps id get ..when i say I got no money....Bad luck you say!!.... Damn Rte its bad luck.. maybe i wasnt supposed to be born... after reading this just pray that i can walk back to my empty home and get through this day,......
PS: I never got paid by the man who bought the Mixer grinder :) :(


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 12:10

soolu appara babu jaffa (Telugu)

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 19:03

im soo sorry. Go to a church or a homeless shelter.
:( i will pray for u .

By anonymous at 31,Dec,11 17:55

You trust people too much.
Find a work, go to a shelter and live the days.

By anonymous at 24,Apr,12 22:55

Good grief! With your attitude towards people you are never going to be happy.
Im sorry to say this but anyone who calls a woman a bitch deserves all the rubbish life has to chuck at them.
You sound like an extremely unpleasant man.
You are lucky that any woman wants to be anywhere near you.
I wouldnt if you were the last man on earth.
By Rahul at 10,Dec,12 14:25


First of all there's nothing bad to call a bitch a "BITCH" and by the way you are not going to either get unluckier by saying that. That's what they are now a days, i am not saying that we men are not dogs but at least everybody knows.Well coming to your run of bad luck. its just a short one, i mean people like me have been unlucky all there life's. And I am fucking good looking just like you but not fucking lucky when it comes to girls, though i show a lot of respect to all of them at least in my behavior. But i am literally a virgin...i unlike you i have still my job and good bank balance. But i donno what to do with the money, cause my life is fucking happening.
By anonymous at 10,Dec,12 14:35

to continue that its fucking unappealing, why not u get in touch with me, i will help u to start all over again and u help me get a beautiful bitch to break my solitude. Get to me at rahul.solutions12@

By at 21,Mar,13 00:06

wow fuck life in india is way third world like mexico i think. alot of fucked up people over there. but alot of the problem is you too. it's really easy to lose everything and soo hard to have it all. life is just that way. you fucked up when you got fired (that was really foolish to get a bj in sight of work). what accident you ran into well that could have been partially your fault as well. your house was burned out cause you had to much traffic running from it. we are all men though and we have needs but your learning a hard lesson of not having enough discretion. check yourself and remember that each and every decision you make in life can have dire consequences. dont make the wrong decisions again. my life is fucked because i screwed up a few times too so your not the only one bro

By Gundosdbk at 09,Jun,13 12:54

Aloha! axa

By Federico at 02,Oct,13 06:22

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By Nonie at 05,Mar,14 10:26

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