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Posted by Maddi at February 4, 2012
Tags: 2012 February Trauma

Sometimes I feel like God is trying to cause me as much pain as possible as punishment for my Vicodin (pain killer) addiction. I've seriously had like 12 separate extreme random injuries in the past 3 days. First, I lost my Invisalign retainers and so I had to go to the next set before I was supposed to. This basically feels like all of your teeth are being ripped out. Then, while I was surfing, I got hit really hard by my surfboard. I broke two of my toes. Spilled boiling hot coffee all over myself. I've never been a clumsy person & rarely have been injured. But since trying to quit Vicodin I've been in more pain than ever. )


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By Stacey at 06,Feb,12 17:38

I got help for my pain . If it hurts in spt like your back or joints go to an orthopedic surgeon. I did and got he the help I wnaed and if that doesn't go get an MRI that finds the problems and get high deild M/rI the low feild doesn't pick every thing/ I found from and Mri the I have MS and ruptured discs in back.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 11:21

Atleast you don't feel the pain...

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 11:21

Atleast you don't feel the pain...

By Mela at 26,May,12 09:09

I atucally found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

By Temptor at 25,Nov,12 07:46

maybe should take up another drug

By anonymous at 20,Dec,12 03:32

Did you ever think that maybe the Vicodin is slowing down your reflexes and dulling your senses. The result is more injury and more pain.

By Ibrahima at 04,Oct,13 14:07

Chris thank you for your insight and more imorltantpy thank you for sharing it. I can learn a lot from you as a student working toward a degree in Forensic Psychology and a person enveloped by family members suffering the echoing effects of mental illness. Your comment, When I was psychotic, I knew the things I was doing were ‘wrong’ according to society. But I also felt that I had a higher calling and that societal rules did not apply to me, floored me. I was raised by a mother who has bi-polar mood disorder. My youngest brother had an undiagnosed mental illness, he died in 1999 while crossing an interstate. One older brother was clearly mentally ill but spent time in prison rather than a mental health facility. In 2007, he ultimately murdered our 77-year-old father and chased our mother with an axe. NOW he is in a mental institution.My goal is to become a tool for the court to get help for those who need it without having to become a danger to self or others. How long does society have to live, or die, with this archaic standard?

By Pharmd91 at 24,Jun,14 05:11

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