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Will my bad luck ever end?

Posted by anonymous at December 31, 2009
Tags: December 2009 Health Money

Hi i need to know whether my life will turn around again. Over a year ago i moved back to my home town to look after my ill mother with my b/f of 3 years. 8 mnths ago i watched by her bedside as she passed away which was quite disturbing. Two weeks after that i found out i was pregnant which we had been trying for about 2 years. During that time i lost my full time job and had stupidly blown all of my work money on helping my b/f buy a car. About 4 mnths ago my partner had just started to drift away from me and sleep with his new boss which i had to find out from a friend of his. At christmas time my dog had died in my arms on the way to the vets. I have since had 2 car accidents and have now slipped into depression and my old ways of not eating properly which is hurting the baby. And just the other day i found out the woman who was so close to my mother before she passed and had become a sort of adopted mother has a tumour on her kidney. I just dont see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know i should be happy that i am going to give birth in a few weeks but i just feel like nothing is going to go right like i have been cursed and i dont know how to fix it. My ex partner still says he loves me but does not know what he wants to do. The stress of him alone is killing me. Can you see any good coming into my life and will my ex finally decide that he wants to be with me?


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By anonymous at 14,Feb,10 21:25

Yup, your life sucks. Your ex is a cheater / loser. You don't need him except to pay child support. You had been together for three years and he cheats. Wake the f*ck up. He says he doesn't know what he wants...yes he does, he wants to f*uck other women. If you marry his dumb ass, he will eventually cheat on you and leave you with a bunch of kids. Collect as much cash from him as you can, whenever you can. He will probably be cronically unemployed though. Just kick him in the nuts for being a douche. Then take his money. Good luck honey, you're going to need it.

By Gundosads at 21,May,13 19:34

Aloha! gze

By Chacidy at 21,Apr,16 13:16

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this infoomatirn.

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