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Food cut cam short

Posted by Kat at July 2, 2012
Tags: 2012 July Weather

I went to camp and we supoose to be back unti mid July. Anight back we alsppe and it sarted raining that day at bout %AM the back of the cabin collapsed and we notice the creek behind the cabin haf flooded it banks from what we coukd see with the flash lights we all quickly got dress and wen the front some counselor ask if we were fine and the y counted to make sure we were all there they gave to collect our stuff from the cabin. and head for high ground luckily my car was on higher ground me and Autumn had a dry place and they they made all the cmpers leave I got my parking slip the I had show to leave We we got the bridge a ranger told that the beidge was floode with Hiogh beams all you was the tops of the guard rails He escorted me to the highway snthe other side of camp and I got lost and I ended 28 miles from where i should have which was the interstate we spend the rest of the night and all morning at a cheap roach infested Motel. I never wnat in a hole in the wall like that again. I wasin fear of being raped with all hispanica nad weiros and balck folks that looked suspicous. Why does stuff happen to me.


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