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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 January Trauma

I feel like my luck has been terrible lately. I will give two examples that happened on consecutive nights.

1.) I was in the kitchen with Dustin and he started tickling me which is never a good idea because I go INSANE in a bad way. I hate hate hate being tickled (unfortunately he loves loves loves tickling me.. It seems mean but I hate thing I love to do to him that he hates... such is life) and I started trying to hit him or chop his arm or something to get him off me in the stupidly narrow kitchen and I threw my fist into the underside of the counter SO HARD that I started crying because of how badly it hurt (I can not think of a time I have cried from pain.. um.. ever) and now the bone is bruised.

2.) I was cutting ginger with a small knife (We ruined the big one opening a coconut... oops!) and I jabbed my pointer finger really deep AND sliced my thumb. I also started crying, but mostly because I was frustrated with myself for injuring my hands two nights in a row. Also probably because I am PMSing. Boo.


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By anonymous at 14,Feb,10 21:15

When someone continues to do something that you don't like, it is because they enjoy harming you. Kick the boyfriend in the nuts once when he tickles you. Tell him that you enjoy doing that. Tell him you will stop if he does. If he does it again, kick him again until he gets the message. He's an asshole BTW.

By at 20,Mar,13 23:32

come on this is really just two little things. now when each and every thing in your life turns to shit then get on here. until then stop your fuckin whining you baby

By Romby at 07,Apr,16 22:20

You've got it in one. Cod'lnut have put it better.

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