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Story of my life

Posted by Nameless at December 25, 2012
Tags: 2012 December Relationship

There's this one girl I like but then i didnt pursued her because she already has a boyfriend. Because of my love for her, i waited for her until she broke up with her boyfriend. I was trully happy to hear the news that finally they already broke up. After a few days, i noticed that my best friend was getting close to a girl i didnt know who at first. They first started chatting until they already went into dating. I was happy for my friend for i didnt know who was the girl was. My friend told me that she already won the girls heart, and he wanted me to meet her. When i saw the girl he was talking about, my head explodes, and my heart experienced a lot of pain for the girl he was talking about was the girl i love that i waited for a long time. It really sucks that the person who took the girl i love was my bestfriend. FUCKING BAD LUCK!


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By Brisa at 18,Jan,13 06:11

nesca..fiqa penh kene dlu mcm neh..n some of my frens pon kne gak cmni dlu..ade la dlm bebulan2..mmg rase sux gle...bawak beabasr..nnt die ok

By Auth at 18,Jan,13 06:11

weh jgn..wordpress aku pon sux! x leh nak edit2..nak buh gmbar.. tu pon aku buh gmbar secara muanal..copy paste url kat image.. berejam2 aku wat

By Bore at 25,Mar,15 20:47

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By Blade & Soul Power leveling at 12,Feb,16 08:50

My way or the highway.
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By Priest at 21,Apr,16 13:25

I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thghuro.

By LelandFrala at 22,Aug,17 10:27

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