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July fucking sucks

Posted by anonymous at July 5, 2013
Tags: 2013 July

I have bad luck every year around July. 5 consecutive years including what's happened so far in this one. Start with getting arrested August 2nd, 2009, then jump to another arrest July 27th, 2010, then jump to getting addicted to drugs, losing all my savings, being homeless, and losing my job all within July 2011 with the final blow being entering a rehab clinic that I'm still in debt to on July 23rd, 2011. Then we move to July 2012, where the girl I proposed to breaks up with me, fucks someone else, then moves to another state and immediately marries someone she met in person one single time. After that I relapsed onto xanax, borrowed money I couldn't pay back, and almost had sex with someone who had herpes. So far this July, and I'm only 5 days into it, but so far I've had another relationship end, I've injured myself, I'm in debt, and my car has been smashed up as drunken payback for telling someone they needed to get help for their drug problem. I can't imagine the prospect of 25 more days of this.


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By anonymous at 30,Jul,13 05:51

i agree, july has sucked a big one! A friend lost his sister-in-law, a niece and nephew to a horrible car accident. Then the following week a healthy friend who was only 40, died of a heart attack. A week after the death of my friend, my cat the almost died and ended up in the hospital for 4 days! $4K later, he's almost brand new. This weekend, a good friend of mine had his cat get run over by a car and it died. The same night, a friend driving home hit a stalled car and the driver was standing outside of the car in the fuking slow lane on the freeway (the car was parked in a lane in the freeway without the emergency break lights on) and that guy died, so he's being held in jail, oh and his wedding is in two weeks. WTf?????

By Swatantar at 02,Oct,13 06:09

Your post has moved the debate fodwrra. Thanks for sharing!

By anonymous at 26,Feb,14 10:40

Ummm... Whose fault was it YOU got arrested? Whose fault was it that YOU took drugs? Whose fault was it that YOU lost your job and owe money to the re-hab clinic? With YOUR history whose fault was it that your girl broke up with you? Whose fault was it that YOU borrowed money you couldn't pay back? Don't blame other people for what YOU do!

By Alexavier at 05,Mar,14 10:24

Quotes Chimp simply shieldes these  4;perhaps not to blame 4; When a collision happens, solely the individual adjudged perhaps not responsible or less responsible (determined by the regulations of each and every condition) can get harms for things like dropped wages and discomfort and enduring from your one who was responsible for the mishap. However, simply because someone may have triggered a collision doesn't imply which he/she doesn't even have vital harms and costs as a result of it. Underneath the problem theory, the sole advantages that men responsible may roll up may be on their very own plans, be it car, well-being, or incapacity insurance. Alas, several have little or no policy contract protection and therefore end up in serious fiscal straits.

By Shermaine at 21,Apr,16 14:09

Absolutely first rate and cobrop-pettomed, gentlemen!

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