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My Bad Luck

Posted by Highschoolkid at August 26, 2013
Tags: 2013 August

To understand my story, you have to know that I'm in high school, so my problems are slightly different than those of adults. So it started in freshman year when I tried out for varsity volleyball and swimming, along with the schools most prestigious choir and band. Now, not to brag or anything but I'm pretty good at all those things, so naturally, I thought I'd get in to at least one of them. But I didn't. In fact, I didn't even make first cut. I thought it wasn't fair and was upset, but I eventually got over it. Then in Sophomore year, the same thing happened only, I had added the drama program to the list. And again, I didn't make anything. I was seriously depressed and was on the verge of crying. But I got over it, thinking that it would be better the next year. So junior comes along and I tried out for all the above and hoped for the best, only I was beaten by kids who played worse than me, had slower times than I did, and were not as good actors as I was. There are many kids who are better than me and deserve those spots on the team, but at the same time, there were many who were not as good as me, that made the team. So this naturally upset me as I had wasted many hours on auditions and tryouts, for nothing. I had nothing to put on my college apps and I had been depressed for a long time. It didn't pass for a long time and my parents got worried so they started to talk to my counselor and had me go to different psychologists. By the end of the year I was brand-new. Then it was senior year, and OF COURSE I had to try out to see if I would even be given priority over the freshman, but my bad luck kicked in, and I was the ONLY senior who didn't make it into any of things I had tried out for. I was beaten by underclassmen after underclassmen. And now I'm here typing this stuff because I feel that my bad luck should be shared.


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