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three long years of bad luck and counting.

Posted by smartpeoplethink at February 12, 2014
Tags: 2014 February

Three years ago I met this hair dresser in a hair store because I was looking for something that would define my curls better. She walked up to me because I was obviously speaking to loudly to my aunt about my hair problems. I had grown my hair long after going natural four years prier and this was my first month really attempting to style my hair. I suffered four years of feeling less attractive to see myself with beautiful healthy hair for once. The day I met this hair dresser I was given a huge discount if I would only drive to her home which seemed reasonable. The day I went there I met the hair dressers son who was obviously mentally ill because he kept screaming where's my gun mom I'm gonna kill you, while I stood in her living room shocked. If your wondering why didn't she just leave because she's scared for her life at that point. Well I didn't have a car and my aunt dropped me off at her apartment and drove about forty five minutes away to her pre planed hair appointment. Her hairdresser was too expensive for me by the way. Stuck in the middle of a looney man and a hair dresser all I could do was remain calm. Luckily the cop that had been called earlier that day when her son had punched her in the face and fled the scene stuck around just to see if he'd break back in the apartment as he did. He escorted him away. The hairdresser apologies for everything and begans working on my hair. I had asked her before not to use chemicals but she promised this product wasn't a chemical and made my hair better. I knew something was wrong when my scalp began to burn. After she was done I attempted to leave because my aunt was there to pick me up but mysteriously I ended up stuck in the house because the door nob jammed. This is true. She calls maintenance Guy who was very attractive to fix our door problem and from there he asked me out and I agreed. After our first date I began loosing all of my hair in the shower I went balled by our third date. During this time my aunt pushed my new boyfriend to marry me to get me out of her house sooner. He agreed but for the wedding I had to wear a wig. My first wedding yes. I meet his mother who's name was the exact same name as my dead grandmother I had just lost three months before. She moves into our apartment because she was looking hers the same week we moved into our place. With two weeks things went from bad to worse. I was already feeling horrible because I'm balled but now my new mother in law moves in calls me a bitch and fry's to out of my own apartment. My husband did nothing. After a year of living with in laws from hell I and wearing a hat my relationship became even worse than it was. I only had a few inches of hair growth for the year and my sex life was slammed. How could I have sex feeling ugly. My husband was growing more and more tired of me and having less than shoulder length hair didn't help. The second year we lost our apartment because he quit his job and I had to support us on my salary alone. I was still wearing hats everyday and my sex life hadn't gotten any better. After two years of having nearly no hair I started wearing a weave thinking I was finally shoulder length at this point only to discover that because of the extreme stress and a growing loosing hair battle I took out my weave to find that I was only shoulder length and the top of my hair was ear length. My husband by that time fled to NY without me knowing a thing. For three days his mother lied about where he was and when he finally told me I was nearly homeless and couldn't pay the rent to afford another month. I was being evicted, and had to move out but my family abandoned me and would not help me for reasons I don't understand. I moved in with my homeless dad who lived with a helpless old man who needed him. My dad was a drug addict and gave me an emotional beating regardless of loosing everything and being abandoned by my first husband. My dad was also physically abusive so I told my husband and his mother convinced him that because I felt bad about my hair and because I wasn't the best house keeper and because I told them about my childhood ages ago that I need to be in a mental institution. So in order to receive help that's what I had to do. So I did. I checked myself in for a week and when I was done pretendi going through mental torture and being drugged up they finally gave me a ticket to move to NY. I was depressed because of what I went through and instead of his family understanding and helping me they threatened to ship me back to Seattle and told me I needed to be locked away again in a mental instruction. If I didn't check myself in there they would send me back to homelessness. So I did. For another week I was in a mental instruction in NY now and being put on drugs for depression. Present day I'm unemployed and my hair is now only tipping shoulder length because of the stress. If I show the slightest bit of discomfort or sadness for any reason at all I'm looking at being homeless. I'm living with my mother in law who still calls me a bitch and I'm only allowed to smile. My husband if he feels the slightest disconnection I'm homeless. That's my bad luck story. Email me your thoughts at


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