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My life of bad luck

Posted by anonymous at February 24, 2014
Tags: Auto 2014 February Money

It always seems like anything that can go bad around me does. I think positive and all the other things people say but nothing seems to work. When I was a baby and being circumsized, (I don't think that's how its spelled), the scalpel broke. And just random cases of bad luck at least once a month sometimes once a week. But recently I was cut off by a truck on by motorcycle. Which caused me to crash. I wasn't hut more than scrapes. A week later I was riding with a friend in his car and we got hit on my side by a suv that ran a stop sign. A week later I get a paper in the mail saying the Texas Board Of Nursing is going to need 6 more months to review my eligibility to become a nurse so I wasn't able to start in January. Next week I get a paper in the mail saying I have gotten to many traffic violations in the past years so I am getting my license suspended. the next week I get a letter from my insurance saying that I will no longer be covered because my license will be suspended and when I go check for insurance the cheapest place I can find is around 500 a month. the next week I try to get a job again as a CNA. My interview was on February 3,2014 everything was good I got the job and they checked to make sure my CNA license was still valid. It expired February 2, 2014. I immediately send the information need to get it renewed. 5 days later I am out with friends on my last weekend before my suspension takes place. and I get pulled over for speeding and changing lanes without a blinker. Only to find out that It became a class B misdemeanor in January and I spent the weekend in jail and currently have to pay 2500 for a layer 500 to bond out and get my bike out of impound not to include the additional money for the charge and possible jail time. the next week I get the paper back for the CNA board and I put my first and last name in the wrong order so I have to resubmit it. I do this and resend it the same day. I get it back on Saturday the same week. I received the paper work and had to now send the approval letter and 95 dollar money order and the application to the testing place. I get a letter from them the next weekend saying they got the 95 dollar money order and the application but didn't get the approval letter so I need to resubmit it which will take another week for me to receive then another week to hear back from the testing place. And that is where I am at now. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the little bit of money do receive from student loans for taking a few bs classes this semester never showed up? It gets direct deposited every semester but it just happened to not show up.


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