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Is the grass any greener?

Posted by Meeko at May 12, 2014

2012 was a rough. The girl I was going to propose to left me on New Years, telling me she was steal dealing with issues in her past relationship which involved a death. She left me on the hook for 4 months, saying she would come back if she figured herself out and even stayed at home a few nights like nothing happened. Turns out she was just going back to an ex boyfriend who had just gotten out of jail. This happened 1 month after I'd started my new job, which I'd trained for several months for. I was so devastated, that I couldn't go back. Luckily the HR people understood how much of a mess I was, and gave me my old job back within the company. I then went on a slew of binge drinking, bar fighting, and screwing several girls who all seemed to want a serious relationship. They were great people, but I was too broken hearted and still hung up on my bitch ex. I ended up spending a lot of time with and eventually falling in love with my best friend, after we had nearly lost our lives in an ATV accident. Trust issues on both our parts led to it not working out and after my grandfather, who my family and I had taken care of for 5 years passed away, I had decided it was time to give up my pathetic existence working as a waiter in this small no-where town and flee overseas to see what else was out there. Despite the irony that I'm writing this article on as a bad luck story, I wouldn't have given this trip up for anything, as it was truly life changing. Anyway, when I returned to the states (2013) I had a scholarship to a very highly touted school in California studying wine. It was my big shot out of this tiny hell hole I'd spent 75% of my life in. I began dating a really sweet girl and did contract work to get by until I left for school. Then, 1 month before I leave I find out we're having a baby. I have to cancel my school, because I know I'll need the money. I begin working a series of dead end jobs and have to withdraw my 401K just to stay a float. She is a high risk pregnancy so she can't work, but she still has bills. She did not sign up for short term disability, so I take over her car, loan, and insurance payments on top of all our other obligations. Good part of the story the baby boy is born (2014) healthy and the joy of our lives. Except now the 401K is running out, as is the money I've saved which I bled and sweat for, serving hoity toity assfucks "fine dining" food for 7 years. So now I Work 50-60 hours a week as a postal worker by day and a front desk agent by night, scrapping in a wopping 315 dollars weekly which barely covers everything. I thought I'd have some tax money and that my girlfriends longterm disability would come in this month, so I decided to buy some nice things for her and my family. I guess I filed taxes wrong or they didn't take out enough, or whatever, so I owed $1000. Our gas went out and the house is poorly insulated-$1000. Was banking on $900 for her LTD, but she didn't receive it because the insurance people say she actually could have worked. So another few months of her payments-$650. Top it off, my cat who I loved dearly gets hit by a car. Then today I went to the bank to co-sign on a loan for my parents, who desperately need the money, for a measly 3 grand, but find out my credit is damn near ruined because the last electric bill on my previous apartment got sent to collections for a miniscule $150. So I loan them the money personally, much to their reluctance and tears. I think I have a couple thousand left now, but what else is next? If anyone is reading this, do things like this happen all the time? I'm I just having a bad string of it? Does my life just suck? It is just life? Or is the grass any greener?


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