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Bad luck of a life

Posted by anonymous at May 16, 2014

When I was 3 1/2 I cracked my head open and it left a big scar. Then I'm being hated by almost EVERYONE at school and i have like, 4 friends. I will never find a boyfriend, I am very overweight, my sister steals everything from my room and puts it in her room and I get blamed by my dumb parents because my sister is too young to get punished but she's fucking 8! My brother was born with Lyme disease so he's not normal, my sister has a bowel issue so the whole house,except for my room and parents room which she never goes in and I spray my room with frebreeze, smells like shit. I constantly bite my nails so I have to lie to everyone and say its a disease where my finger nails slowly fall off in clippings, my parents don't have jobs so I'm poor as fucking hell and I want a Mac but we can't fucking afford it, and we're renting a house that's 153 years old and practically falling apart. My hair won't stay straight even with the straightener. My 69 year old grandfather died in 2011 of a silent heart attack. My friend died in a bike crash where he turned to look for cars(there were none) then lost control of his bike, flipped over a stone wall, crashed into a tree and his head hit a cinder block. He wasn't wearing a helmet so that practically killed him. AND HE WAS FUCKING 12!!!! I can't find a job bc everyone prob thinks I'm too young to have a fucking job. Well bullshit to them! I NEED THE GODDAMN MONEY!!!!!!! I have no art skills whatsoever(i can't even draw a goddamn stick figure!!!!!!!) So that's it and there's the story of my bullshitty life.


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By Lidia at 21,Apr,16 14:43

Your thnkiing matches mine - great minds think alike!

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