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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February Job Lost Money

My recent bad luck:

1.) I had to leave the theater to go to the emergency room, because, for no reason at all my heart started beating at around 200 beats per minute and wouldn't stop.

2.) At the hospital, I realize the person (friend who was with me) whom I had given my wallet to in the theater as I was rushedly leaving and dropping all my things, had lost my wallet--with my insurance card in it.

3.) Even tracing everywhere we went, searching the parking lot and the theater and asking theater people who had cleaned up the next day if they found it, my wallet was gone. It had a TON of personal information in it, driver's permit, social security card, two debit cards, etc etc. Lost. Great.

4.) After a period of time and calling police departments, public sanitation (the people who clean the roadsides), etc, etc, I couldn't find it, broke down, put a freeze on my ability to take out loans or make other large purchases, put on a credit watch, and bought a new wallet.

5.) Within a week of buying my new wallet, it was stolen. Fortunately, no ID in it since I hadn't replaced any of my ID, but I lost $15. And I couldn't get a bus ride from work back to my college, where I was supposed to meet to eave for a required field trip. I called him and explained, and he picked me up. In his truck. We rode back to campus in silence. Awkward.

6.) Finally, after coming to terms with never getting my most-recentl wallet back, I bought a new wallet. Literally two hours after I pay $20 on a new wallet, my friend says we should go check at the theater to see if they've found it and just not called me, even though I left a description, my name and all my contact info. We go over. They ask me a ton of questions... and then walk out, with my wallet. Apparently they locked it in the safe and forgot to call me. They found it two days after I had to go to the ER.

That's my story.


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By :) at 30,May,12 10:10

In some old wives's bad luck to buy ur own wallet. Next time maybe give a friend money to pick out a wallet for u.

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