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bad luck with electronics

Posted by anonymous at February 17, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff Computers 2010 February

I'm a huge movie and video game buff going back to my childhood in the days of NES and VHS. I had some minor problems with that old school equipment, but nothing blowing on the cartridge couldn't fix.

Through the years, I've owned other VHS players, a couple of standard DVD players, an upconverting DVD player, and a Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and a PS2. I had very, very minor issues with some of these items, but I never had to make a service call or return anything.

Then, a couple of years ago I bought a X-Box 360 and a Samsung DLP. Thankfully, the DLP never gave me any problems, and the upconverting DVD player I bought (Sony) never had any issues, but I had serious problems with the 360.

Now, I know about the 360's terrible track record, but this was ridiculous. I went through 4 systems (I tried all the different varieties) and suffered system freezes on all of them and eventually an update failure that bricked one of them.

Finally, I switched over to the PS3. I've had much better luck, but I still suffer the occasional freeze that requires a system restart.

And now, my Sony Blu-ray player's (BDP-S560) blu-ray software has become corrupted!

Let me preface by saying that I really try to treat all my equipment with care. I make sure everything is well ventilated, I'm gentle with everything, and I dust the entertainment center and everything in it every two weeks (I even occasionally stick the vacuum nozzle to the vents of the PS3 as directed to get any dust out).

But no matter what I do, I seem to have problems. It comes and goes, but just in this last week:
1. I was playing a Wii game and hit a bug that forced a restart.
2. I tried to install a game on the PS3 that would lock up in installation and resulted in corrupted data.
3. I've played another PS3 game and ran into a very rare bug that only like 4 people have posted about on the internet.
4. And now my BD player won't play Blu-Rays properly anymore (they stutter and freeze, or just won't load and tell me "Can't play disc; unrecognizable format, or something like that"). DVDs still play fine and it is still under warranty, so Sony is having me send it in for repair.


I have two theories:

1. I just have really bad luck with electronics. I've heard theories about some people having higher electric charge in their bodies and frying equipment. Sometimes when I touch my stuff to turn it on, I do feel a little static shock. Maybe that's me... In fact, I've stopped touching my equipment (and I'll just have my wife do it).

2. Or, maybe it is just that these new, more technologically complex systems and equipment are more prone to problems. That makes sense... I mean, I never had any problems before the last couple of years. But, then, on the other hand, I have friends who have owned 360s and PS3s and they haven't had the same number and frequency of issues I have.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems


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By Thomas at 25,Oct,11 16:43

I used to have a NES but i gave to some folks ho were poor and I gave three TVS as well I got new PS2 flat screen TV and VCR and a cable box. i wan t a PS3/

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By anonymous at 20,Feb,13 21:18

never had a problem wirh mt 360

By Lark at 07,Apr,16 20:21

I was seluiosry at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

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