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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 7, 2010
Tags: Accident 2010 April Auto

I got my brand new 325 sparkling graphite, heated seats, sat prep, adaptive cruise in yesterday. Man on man was I excited. I've been waiting two months for this car. It's the first one I ever ordered and my first BMW. The car drives like a dream. But two hours into my ownership of my sweet new ride, a cat runs out in front of me and slams into my bumper.... I pulled over and found that it crumpled the whole drivers side portion of my bumper... Talk about a buzz kill. I didn't even have 70 miles on the car. How's that for being born under a bad sign?


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By anonymous at 07,Apr,10 19:08

You are such a wimp.

By anonymous at 11,Apr,10 12:48

If you can afford to buy a new 325 then life must be pretty good. Read some of the other stories here and count your blessings.

By Samantha at 18,Jun,10 00:46

The accident I had was a Merceses only two monthes old After drunk driver hit me i collided with a tractor trailer I was terribley injured I was knocked fro the impact of the truck and woke up the doctor cutting off all my clothes including my lingerie. the wrpped my head and treated me for neck and back injuries I am not paralized thank god nd I got keep my hair on my head. My car is totaled. I have trouble rememeberin thing becuase of her and her drunk driving. She is in jail with drivng drunk and attempted maurder with a Motor vehicle. My insurence did not pay enought o repacle te car ut I can't drive anymore anyway.

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By at 21,Mar,13 00:26

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By Navid at 07,Apr,16 19:28

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