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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at April 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 April Health

So lets begin my whining/complaining story. Actually, I find this more amusing than anything, this isn't meant as a complaint, but I figure it might lighten up someone elses day.

So I recently became single, by choice though, so no big deal. Of course the worst thing for a single guy who is dating to catch, besides an STD is Mono a.k.a the kissing virus. So of course guess what i got. Yup, you guessed it, Mono... so that put my dating on hold for a few weeks.

Now this wouldn't have been to bad, but it led to me being immuno suppressed. Not a big deal if you don't get sick/injured. But of course there was the office softball game. first inning, first time at bat, running to first base I tripped and messed up my leg from my knee to my ancle and severely sprained my ankle. Being a guy and all, i played the rest of the 9 innings (we were going to 10 but it started to rain). Now this doesn't sound to bad. A sprained ankle is nothing, but there is this nasty scrape on my ankle and foot. Being immuno suppressed like I am, it gets infected despite the very painful cleaning, peroxide and most of a tube of anti-biotic ointment liberally applied.

So off to the hostpital I go. After some amusing looks and the doctor making fun of me (he's seen me before, i have a bit of a history at this hostpital), I walk away with a prescription for antibiotics, and directions to use crutches for a few days. Not a big deal, hopefully this will clear up the infection and i'll be fine.

Of course not. I wake up with my foot about 50% red and quite sore. The infection is getting worse. Back to the hostpital I go. This time, IV antibiotics. I got that, and find out I have to come back the next 3 days and get more antibiotics adminitered throught IV. So they left the shunt in. Of course the shunt isn't properly placed, so its driving me nuts. Add that to my lack of mobility (i'm trying to take it easy on the ankle so i don't have to use crutches at work tomorrow, i'll never live that down) I'm going insane.

So if anyone else is having a worse time than me, Post it here and brighten my day. If anyone was having a bad day, read this and laughed at me, then i'm glad i could cheer up your day.

Of course, things come in 3's, so i'm scared to see what the other two will be.


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By anonymous at 16,Apr,10 22:00

You have no clue what sucks

By Ziggy at 21,Apr,16 13:35

The forum is a brehtgir place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

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