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worse week ever...

Posted by Caitlyn at February 11, 2010
Tags: Accident 2010 February Trauma

This past week was terrible and painful! First, 2 days in school I have been bullied and crap like that.YOU TRY AND BE SMASHED IN THE LOCKERS! I reported it and my whole class bullies me so the team leader of the hall (language teacher) they changed my schedulle so i can avoid the bullies. The next day after school I was talking to my boy friend and he had to catch his ride so i headed for the buses. 20 sec. later I was pushed and landed flat on my face on the concreat I was knocked out for 30 sec. between the buses. No one claims to see me and i didnt know and still dont know who pushed me! And I got up still dizzy and headed for the bus.the bus driver called the princible and he is fileing that as an accident report. my tooth looked chiped and half my face was scraped off and glasses broken and top lip bigger than my bottom lip. (I'm a cute girl pale white american ima anime nerd and always bullied). When I got home the school didnt call my mom to tell her so i had to tell her she took me to the emergancy and we found out that my tooth is cracked all the way to the root. My mom is pissed so am i and today we r going to press charges on the school. I mean what if i was still knocked out between the buses and they turn to get out of school I could have been killed! That night I posted pictures of my face on myspace and my boy friend ran to my house so worried about me and still say im beautiful. I'm only 13.


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