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Worse Night Ever

Posted by All for Nothing at February 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 February Job

Last night was the worse night ever! My husband, his boss, and their wives had all decided to go to Dallas in a limo for valentines day. My husband has only been working there for about 5 months and his boss is a total dick (car salesmen) and cusses and treats my husband like his personal slave. This is a career change for my husband, but he complains every night about how this guy fucks him out of money, and if he makes any money he has to buy the fat ass food the next day. So anyway, I met some of the wives at his work yesterday, and they were stand offish, so I told this one she was pretty ( she was ok, I could tell this was what she lived for). Well she started flipping her hair and acting like she was a super model. My husband got home from work at 700 and we had to meet them at 830. My husband couldn't find his shirt buttons and I had to use my earings, and we were running late. We get in my car and my husband is driving 40 miles over speed limit, I asked him to slow down but he ignored me. We get there and they said they were getting ready to leave us, seriously, (we all paid for limo and my husband called). Well I proceeded to get hammered (not on purpose) and my husband said I was agravating everyone. BTW my husband had to sit on floor, because no one would move over. I told his boss that I would appreciate if he treated my husband better, because he thought alot of him. He told my husband to clean out his desk on Monday, and my husband is so mad at me. He said he was gonna look for another job, but didn't want it to happen this way. I feel like shit, and my marriage is down tube.


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By anonymous at 27,Mar,10 09:27

you'll probably never read this, but you did your husband a favor. i sold cars for 3 weeks till i wound up decking my boss in front of his boss over $3k worth of commissions he ripped me off for. i swear to god, you'll find meth dealers and health insurance underwriters with better moral codes.

By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 10:48

you need to have lots of helps.

By Ella at 21,Apr,16 13:27

Great hammer of Thor, that is pofllwuery helpful!

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