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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at November 2, 2009
Tags: Computers November 2009

Well, I had coasted through the whole day thumbing my nose at the “Bad Luck Friday” murmurs I heard today. So it was bound to happen – bad luck thought me too arrogant. The curse of Friday the 13th saw me as too full of myself. It was time to put me in my place on this day to teach me bad luck does exist and will make itself known to me so I will never again doubt.

So what was this bad luck I speak of? I lost nearly a week’s worth of programming due to my backup system overwriting instead of backing up my project. .

So there you have it folks. Incontrovertible truth written in black and white – with a smilie thrown in for good measure. Bad luck is true and it occurs every Friday the 13th. There’s no sense in trying to fight it, no sense in trying to deny or write it off as coincidence.


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By Leaidan at 21,Apr,16 14:24

This "free sharing" of inrtomaoifn seems too good to be true. Like communism.

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