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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at November 9, 2009
Tags: Auto November 2009

It has now been about five months since I got my motorcycle. Iíve had lots of fun with it. I have also been through a lot of bad luck which has upset me very much. Now, I am back at the temple with the bike. I am outside waiting for the monk to come back from his alms round. I will ask him to bless my bike to get the good luck back.

Since February, the first day I got my bike, until now there have been quite a lot of accidents and problems happen to my bike and me. Especially the latest accident that just happened. It was a very big one. That reminded me about what my mum said when I first bought the bike. She told me to take the bike to the temple to have it blessed but I didnít listen.

Even after the first time one of my friends crashed my bike, I still didnít listen to what she said. Now, I am very sorry that I didnít listen to her. If I had taken my bike to let the monk bless it earlier, my friend might not have ended up in hospital and I might not have had lots of bad luck.

The first bad luck with the bike happened to two of my friends. It happened not long after I bought the bike. Maybe less than one month. My friends came to see me and my new bike at my house. They came without telling or calling me first so I wasnĎt alone. At that time, I was upstairs with one of my girls. When I came down for a drink I saw a note that they left for me on the table. It said: "I borrowed the bike to go back home, wonít be long. Donít worry, I will be extra careful with your bike." From: Ton & Job

I was shocked and worried. I called Ton on his mobile to ask where he was; he didnít answer. Then I went back upstairs. About 15 minutes later, they came back with some scratches on their arms and legs. They said they had crashed while they were trying to avoid a dog. They said they were OK, then I went out to see my bike. There were some scratches on the bike plus the handles werenít straight. I went with them to the bike shop to fix it. Luckily my friends agreed to pay because they had borrowed it without asking permission.

I was very sad about that accident but I still didnít learn. A short time later I lent my bike to another friend and the second accident happened.

My friend asked to borrow my bike to go to see his girl. I donít know why I lent it to him. Maybe because I was on the bike with him at the time. While we were waiting for his girl, he went to ride around. When he came back, he came on the wrong side of the road. It was nighttime and the road was pretty dark. He came very fast and then he drove into a big hole. The bike flipped over and my friend broke his fingers so I called a taxi to take him to the hospital. Now my bike looked even older than before.

After that second accident, I didnít let anyone borrow my bike anymore. But the third time still happened. It was my mum who crashed it this time. I was in the hospital at that time. She was going to ride my bike home. But, because she hadnít ridden a bike for a long time, she went too fast and crashed into an electric pole. She was fine but my bike wasnít.

My mum told me that I should have listened to her and taken it to the temple to be blessed. I pretended I didnít hear her and then the fourth and worst accident happened. Iíll tell you about that next week.


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