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Auto accident truama

Posted by Samantha at June 2, 2010
Tags: Accident Auto 2010 June Trauma

I had got int a terrible Accident on the intersate after another car hit from the side and I collided with a tractor trailer. Two tractor trailers and 3 cars were ivoloved in the accident and I got the worse part. I was knck out fro the impact of the tractor trailer. I woke to the doctors at he hospital cutting off my clothes. I was stripped nude the even cut off my bra and underwear. the cover witha sheet and tok me for X-rau\ys CAT scan anda head CT. I had some head truama my head was rapped up I was able to kep my hair on my head. chrges wre filed to the woman that cuased the accident and she was drunk when she hit me. My car is totaled. I sue for my car and oaib abd suffering. My back and neck never covered I am not paralized thank fuly just whiplash and some ruptured discs is all it is. Now have trouble remebering things. what do think about women drivers now.


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By Samantha at 05,Jun,10 14:55

Pardon my english the acccident has effected my memory and that why the spelling and grammer is so bad. Te accident has ruined my life This I am writing is with help from a good freind Molly. I you want can rewrie it.

By anonymous at 16,Jun,10 14:42

Judging by your spelling you also suffered brain damage. You should sue for that also.

By anonymous at 17,Apr,12 06:36


By anonymous at 20,Feb,13 20:55

now not leting my gf drive my drand new ford truck cost to much and she gets drunk all th time

By Cemaras at 26,Mar,15 01:29

My name is Kathy Bernet and I never received my March issue of Light Spinner. Can you check to see if it's been maeild out? My home address is 707 E. Spring Drive, Ozark, MO 65721

By Smiley at 07,Apr,16 19:42

Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L---G-REN-I-N-A!

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