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More rain

Posted by Thomas at June 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 June Weather

We are getting more rain the lakes are ar above summer pool and the are over full pool. In arkansas sevral folks got killed a d other got injured. A creeked flooded sevral popluar camp sites and when folkks were asleep becuase it happened at night. Last i heard some folks are stilll missing. I do not live near any body of water but I am not saying I wil not get flooded but too uch cancause problems for my freinds that live near Mirrior Lake Lake Buckcorn litle Tallapoosa River. Buck Creek and the Tallapoosa River Yes i know there two one is Haralson county water supply and other is Carool Conty water suplly along with Buck Creek and Lake Carroll Snakle creek is worse when it floods.


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By geologist at 27,Jun,10 15:37

I always tell people not to live in flood plains. Levees were invented by farmers who do not understand hydrology. Levees fail, always. I live in an area below a dam, but if it fails, the water will stop a mile before it reaches me. Those morons in California built their state capital, Sacramento, in a flood plain.
Half of New Orleans is below sea level and the same with Houston. These two cities are just waiting for disaster. The next hurricane to hit New Orleans (and there will be a next one) will be worse than Katrina. October 2004, National Geographic predicted the devastation of Katrina as did Time Magazine, July 10, 2000 and Scientific American, October 2001 and NOW with Bill Moyers, Sept. 20, 2002.
One camping trip I told all the campers in the area to put their tents ten feet about river level because of the heavy rains. They told me to fuck off. They all woke up with a foot of water in their tents.
You can be stubborn as a mule, but you can't fool mother nature.

By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 10:36

Sounds like u had a lot of GOOD luck. You didn't get killed, your camp wasn't flooded and you are not missing. What are you complaining about?

By anonymous at 18,Dec,10 21:17


By Queenie at 07,Apr,16 21:18

Good to see real expertise on display. Your coointbutirn is most welcome.

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