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Have my clothes cut off.

Posted by Kristi at July 11, 2010
Tags: Health 2010 July Money

I work for Galaxy Enterprises we make campers motor homes travler traier and RVs. We got out oof meeting with a dealer to sell our trailers and other fun things. When back began to hurt me and I pased from the pain and I woke up as my colleage was pulling in to the hospital with my personal car. I was in the ER. They would let undress myself the cut my coat skirt blouse slip floral pattern bra and matching panties stockings and pulled off my heels. If iwas told get undressed I would of I hate thamy black business suit and white blouse are ruined I don't care about my stockins slip bra and panties. My jewelery was carefully removedand no cuttng was involved there. Lady if you are ever and you go to the ER make sure you are wearing clothes you don't care about becuase there will be a chance that your clothes will be cut off of you. I made pay for the suit that they wrecked and the blouse too.


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By anonymous at 12,Jul,10 10:32

I am surprised that Galaxy Enterprises employ illiterate people. I don't think I'll be buying my next RV from them as you probably wouldn't be able to follow written instructions properly.

By anonymous at 08,Oct,11 21:41

i was injured in a auto crash in my prom dress cut off bra panties stockings ring and neckless im okay withit i was injured but fuuly recoverd
By anonymous at 12,Sep,14 19:52

They cut cut your panties off?

By anonymous at 08,Oct,11 21:44

i was not concerned with the prom dress being ruind allcut up iwas more embarressed a male doing the cuting seeing me naked

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