Bad Luck Stories : 2012 April

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Born in Bad Luck

Posted by T at April 15, 2012
Tags:   2012 April

I have always had bad luck ever since I was a child. I was very accident pron every time you turned around I was hurt or sick. And as I gotten older it has just gotten worst. I am homeless, I am unemployed, I don't have nothing going for me. My partner now, spends all our money on sweepstakes machines saying that they are just trying to get us ahead. That is all good but they keep feeding the machines till there is nothing left. For me I lose so I don't bother to even try. I have been trying to get a job but that isn't coming for me.... I am just about at my last straw. I don't know where to go, I don't have no one to help me. I feel as if the harder I try there is always someone bringing me down. And I try to get away from them but every time I try they follow me around and most of the time they want me to be with them constantly. I am thinking more about sucicide to get away and be done with this world.

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