Bad Luck Stories : 2011 August

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Why me?

Posted by Gagzu at August 21, 2011
Tags: 2011 August   Law   Money

So here is my storie. I'm a 15 year old boy who lives in Finland, Helsinki.. So far, this year has been a total disaster. Yes i know some times people have bad moments and all.. But this, i thought i will atleast succeed even in a single thing, but no.

in my religion, we are forbidden to smoke. Early spring I got caught smoking.. 3 times! I really wanted to stop. I got beat up by my dad. I live alone with my dad who is working allday long, i havent seen my mother for 3 years, and may not see her ever again. My studies werent going pretty well, i had to pay about 300 to my friend for crashing hes bike, it was a mistake. I got threatend by my friends mate that i will get beaten up and steal something from my house value of 500 because i was framed (Long storie). I dont know anything about my friends, as if they would think im not in this world anymore.

I'm only 15, and i wanted to get a moped license and obviously a moped, i got a brand new moped and then I applied for the license, wich only cost 50 total and you only need pass this 15 question test, which is very easy. Ok so the law was changing 1 of june, so i will have to pay about 500 to get the license and pass 5 different tests! so it will take about 4 months. So i had about 2 weeks to pass the test before the law will change. So one test costs 26, i didn't pass the test the first time, not even the second time! people were laughing on me, so i got a third time the last time (31 of may).. I didn't pass it. after that we paid 500 for the school for 4 months after that i had the fourth time the test.. i didn't pass it. I really got shocked about it, so after that i though i could just go for a short ride just a small ride around my neighbourhood (Only 5km) Guess what? The police caught me, i got a 200 fine and my licence got delayed for 6months. I just spent nearly 4000 on nothing.. nothing.

Yes i know it isnt't a sad storie, but i'm only 15 and a few years back, i had a future.. now, i dont have anything. Thanks for reading.

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Constant Bad Luck

Posted by anonymous at August 11, 2011
Tags:   2011 August

It seems that i may be cursed as everything always goes wrong for me. My first year of college didnt go to plan, had a couple of dodgy exams and only got BBC. As a result my teachers wouldnt predict me the grades i wanted, and so i got no offers from the universities i applied to. After the winter exams i did very well and pulled my grades up to AAB. This was more than enough to get into every course i wanted but the universities wouldnt reconsider me that year as it would be unfair on other candidates. So i decided to get a job, well at least i tried very hard, got two interviews with accounting firms but didnt get either job. And now for the last year i have been stuck working in a supermarket. Its only 12 hours a week and i have to wake up at 5am 3 days a week. This is the only job i can find in this economic climate. I am starting to get angry now as i have very good grades but am stuck in a constant circle of hell.

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Cursed Car

Posted by Cory at August 6, 2011
Tags: 2011 August   Auto

I was leaving sonic with this girl and i get pulled over for not using my signal and he asks why im not driving with license but i am in fact driving with one i just havent renewed it to get my six months restrictions off so he told me to drop the girl off at her house and followed me all the way there and it was very embarassing and then the next morning im on my way to soccer and im running late and everyone around me is going the same speed and we pass a highway patrol and he turns on his lights and of course pulls me over and gives me a $202 ticket well then a couple hours later i get home and go to get something out of my car and i go to open it and its locked i dont know how it is but it is and my keys are in the passengers seat so now i cant go anywhere and is going to cost more money to get my keys out......

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