Bad Luck Stories : 2010 February

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 25, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 February

Brought a new car for me (Second hand) the other day. Got about 10 minutes from the garage down a main road and there was a turning on my left. As i cam round the corner the car coming towards me on the other side of the road started to turn right down the rd on my left. He then saw me and stopped in front of me on my side of the rd.
I had no where to go managed to turn and hit the front of his wing. Had a witness who said it was his fault.
The engineer fixing the car for the insurance company will not fix any damage to the drivers side, as I hit him on my passanger side as he cant see how this was caused in the crash (Scratches marks ect).. Despite just picking it up from the garage.
I have now had to take out anothe claim to get this fixed.

Anyone else had bad luck with new cars.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   Broken Stuff   2010 February

I look out the front window to discover that a limb had blown off the nieghbors tree and landed squarley on the side of my truck. Numerous holes in the tonneau cover, numerous scratches all over the side and top of truck and morning revealed at least 1 small dent.

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Posted by anonymous at February 18, 2010
Tags:   2010 February

I work at a job that pay good but we were liad off for 3 months and now i have no heat in my home, i have a good stove and some good heaters that keep me warm and one heatting blanket so don't let anyone tell you that they have bad luck just look at me living with no, heat and little money but working now and planning on getting my heat back on, I heat up water on my stove to take a bath and keep clean. i hope this will help you all( keep warm ) love and peach.

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bad luck with electronics

Posted by anonymous at February 17, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Computers   2010 February

I'm a huge movie and video game buff going back to my childhood in the days of NES and VHS. I had some minor problems with that old school equipment, but nothing blowing on the cartridge couldn't fix.

Through the years, I've owned other VHS players, a couple of standard DVD players, an upconverting DVD player, and a Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and a PS2. I had very, very minor issues with some of these items, but I never had to make a service call or return anything.

Then, a couple of years ago I bought a X-Box 360 and a Samsung DLP. Thankfully, the DLP never gave me any problems, and the upconverting DVD player I bought (Sony) never had any issues, but I had serious problems with the 360.

Now, I know about the 360's terrible track record, but this was ridiculous. I went through 4 systems (I tried all the different varieties) and suffered system freezes on all of them and eventually an update failure that bricked one of them.

Finally, I switched over to the PS3. I've had ...

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Worse Night Ever

Posted by All for Nothing at February 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job

Last night was the worse night ever! My husband, his boss, and their wives had all decided to go to Dallas in a limo for valentines day. My husband has only been working there for about 5 months and his boss is a total dick (car salesmen) and cusses and treats my husband like his personal slave. This is a career change for my husband, but he complains every night about how this guy fucks him out of money, and if he makes any money he has to buy the fat ass food the next day. So anyway, I met some of the wives at his work yesterday, and they were stand offish, so I told this one she was pretty ( she was ok, I could tell this was what she lived for). Well she started flipping her hair and acting like she was a super model. My husband got home from work at 700 and we had to meet them at 830. My husband couldn't find his shirt buttons and I had to use my earings, and we were running late. We get in my car and my husband is driving 40 miles over speed limit, I asked him to slow down but he ignored me. We get there and they said they were getting ready to leave us, seriously, (we all paid for limo and my husband called). Well I proceeded to get hammered (not on purpose) and my husband said I was agravating everyone. BTW my husband had to sit on floor, because no one would move over. I told his boss that I would appreciate if he treated my husband better, because he thought alot of him. He told my husband to clean out his desk on Monday, and my husband is so mad at me. He said he was gonna look for another job, but didn't want it to happen this way. I feel like shit, and my marriage is down tube.

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worse week ever...

Posted by Caitlyn at February 11, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 February   Trauma

This past week was terrible and painful! First, 2 days in school I have been bullied and crap like that.YOU TRY AND BE SMASHED IN THE LOCKERS! I reported it and my whole class bullies me so the team leader of the hall (language teacher) they changed my schedulle so i can avoid the bullies. The next day after school I was talking to my boy friend and he had to catch his ride so i headed for the buses. 20 sec. later I was pushed and landed flat on my face on the concreat I was knocked out for 30 sec. between the buses. No one claims to see me and i didnt know and still dont know who pushed me! And I got up still dizzy and headed for the bus.the bus driver called the princible and he is fileing that as an accident report. my tooth looked chiped and half my face was scraped off and glasses broken and top lip bigger than my bottom lip. (I'm a cute girl pale white american ima anime nerd and always bullied). When I got home the school didnt call my mom to tell her so i had to tell her she took me to the emergancy and we found out that my tooth is cracked all the way to the root. My mom is pissed so am i and today we r going to press charges on the school. I mean what if i was still knocked out between the buses and they turn to get out of school I could have been killed! That night I posted pictures of my face on myspace and my boy friend ran to my house so worried about me and still say im beautiful. I'm only 13.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 11, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Health   Trauma

one night after going back to the hotel from an amazing show i passed out and woke up to go to the bathroom cause i was feeling sick, looked in the mirror blacked out. ended up hitting my face on the side of the tub or floor not sure since i was unconscious......well went to the bed felt that i had sliced my tongue and chipped one of my teeth in the back and saw all this blood on my pillow. got up to what looked like i had ripped i chunk off of my chin but really i had spilt open my chin so at 4:30am i had to go to the hospital and get painful shots and my first stiches. i can't eat real food for about a month and i could have possibly fractured my jaw D: they wanted to wire my mouth shut but i said fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that. i need some pain pills cause this is probably some of the worst pain ever. fucking bad luck.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 7, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Trauma

Went to bed super early to rest up for this evening's fun- got up to pee around 2 & sliced open the bottom of my foot really bad on the way back to bed. Not only is this going to inhibit my ragin' dance moves tonight, but I leave in 2days to go snowboarding in CO. And now I can't sleep:( Ugghh it hurts. BOOO

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 February   Job   Lost   Money

My recent bad luck:

1.) I had to leave the theater to go to the emergency room, because, for no reason at all my heart started beating at around 200 beats per minute and wouldn't stop.

2.) At the hospital, I realize the person (friend who was with me) whom I had given my wallet to in the theater as I was rushedly leaving and dropping all my things, had lost my wallet--with my insurance card in it.

3.) Even tracing everywhere we went, searching the parking lot and the theater and asking theater people who had cleaned up the next day if they found it, my wallet was gone. It had a TON of personal information in it, driver's permit, social security card, two debit cards, etc etc. Lost. Great.

4.) After a period of time and calling police departments, public sanitation (the people who clean the roadsides), etc, etc, I couldn't find it, broke down, put a freeze on my ability to take out loans or make other large purchases, put on a credit watch, and bought a new wallet.

5.) Within a week of buying my new wallet, it was stolen. Fortunately, no ID in it since I hadn't replaced any of my ID, but I lost $15. And I couldn't get a bus ride from work back to my college, where I was supposed to meet to eave for a required field trip. I called him and explained, and he picked me up. In his truck. We rode back to campus in silence. Awkward.

6.) Finally, after coming to terms with never getting my most-recentl wallet back, I bought a new wallet. Literally two hours after I pay $20 on a new wallet, my friend says we should go check at the theater to see if they've found it and just not called me, even though I left a description, my name and all my contact info. We go over. They ask me a ton of questions... and then walk out, with my wallet. Apparently they locked it in the safe and forgot to call me. They found it two days after I had to go to the ER.

That's my story.

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