Bad Luck Stories : 2010 January

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 27, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   Computers   2010 January

My computer's optical drive stopped working (CD/DVD thingy), and I couldn't find anyone savvy enough to help me replace it. I found some excellent instructions online, and ordered a replacement. Of course, since I needed to see the instructions on a computer to fix my computer, I went to the computer lab at school to fix it. I thought I had everything I needed, got halfway through, and came upon the part of the instructions that said to lay the logic board down on a soft cloth. I had nothing on me except my hoodie, and I was all in a rush because I was about to miss dinner at the dining commons, so I used the hoodie. I finish the process, and put it back together. And it won't turn on. Turns out, you're not supposed to put a logic board on polyester fabric because the static charge can destroy it. The hoodie was polyester fleece.
And I missed dinner anyway.

In sum, my computer died, I bought a new one (WITH the applecare insurance stuf), and will never attempt to fix a computer again.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 24, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   2010 January

About a month or so ago, I returned from walmart with a ton of groceries. I go to unlock my apartment door and my key broke. It completely snapped in half. I couldn't go to the office to get help because I'm not on the lease. My ride had to go and I was stuck waiting for my roommate to return to let me in. I found humor in it though. I kind of have to with all my luck.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 19, 2010
Tags: Accident   Broken Stuff   2010 January

Here is my bad luck in the past month:

1) I left my gym bag hanging on a hook on the back of my apartment door. When I shut the door, apparently the bag swung and tripped the lock. This is the one of the two locks that is so old it doesn't have a key. It was 9pm. I waited 1.5 hours for the locksmith. She had to replace the entire thing. $250.

2) Computer stopped working. For no reason. Just went blank. Best Buy couldn't fix it. Had to send it to the manufacturer.

3) After making the phone call to the computer manufacturer from my car--I locked my keys in my car. I don't have AAA. Called same locksmith. The same girl helped me. $90.

This all happened after I broke a large mirror. Since then, I have broken three other mirrors by accident. This cannot end well.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 January   Trauma

I feel like my luck has been terrible lately. I will give two examples that happened on consecutive nights.

1.) I was in the kitchen with Dustin and he started tickling me which is never a good idea because I go INSANE in a bad way. I hate hate hate being tickled (unfortunately he loves loves loves tickling me.. It seems mean but I hate thing I love to do to him that he hates... such is life) and I started trying to hit him or chop his arm or something to get him off me in the stupidly narrow kitchen and I threw my fist into the underside of the counter SO HARD that I started crying because of how badly it hurt (I can not think of a time I have cried from pain.. um.. ever) and now the bone is bruised.

2.) I was cutting ginger with a small knife (We ruined the big one opening a coconut... oops!) and I jabbed my pointer finger really deep AND sliced my thumb. I also started crying, but mostly because I was frustrated with myself for injuring my hands two nights in a row. Also probably because I am PMSing. Boo.

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McDonalds Drive-thru computer crashed!

Posted by anonymous at January 9, 2010
Tags: Computers   2010 January

Went to order some healthly food, and just as the first item appeared on the order confirmation screen, I saw:

A Kernel Panic, followed by a reboot of the system (obviously a 'nix box), then it ending in a pitiful flashing white text on black background 'Cannot read from fixed disk (R)etry (F)ail

I was gonna take a picture with the cell phone, but there was somebody in line behind me.

After that they totally screwed up the order and even forgot the straw and napkins (ug).

Of course if it was a Windows box I probably would have got 100 free cheeseburgers.... :P

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at January 5, 2010
Tags: 2010 January   Job   Lost

lately ive had my share of bad luck and it was literally crushing me inside and out. if it wasnt one thing it was another. i keep asking myself when is this going to end! but to every downside of the situation there is definitly an upside...

BAD TIMES...(earlier last week)

i was told by a customer at work i had a disgusting face because i wouldnt seat him and was waiting for the rest of his party to show up. I offered to seat him but refused and wanted to talk to the manager. hence me getting "talked to" by the GM which led me to tears. later that day my financial aid advisor gave me my new plan for this year and i basically didnt recieve any money so i then cried again and was thinking how could i afford this school, my water bottle leaked later in my canvas bag ruining my books, magazines, notebooks and even my brand new ipod got wet. i was super upset and it wasnt turning on. however i remembered the battery was low and prayed that somehow all it needed to be was charged up. i then misplaced my metra monthly pass when i needed it and the conductor didnt believe me plus i had no cash to pay for it. so after being embarrassed someone paid for me on the train.


so i just got my UPASS the other day and i put it in the little holder i was given. i also put my student ID in it as well. And while i was sitting at the train station it fell off my strap on my pants and i lost it. i called the lost and found at the train station and no one turned it in. so basically today i had to walk to the cta building and reapply for the UPASS i just got yesterday and already lost. so i payed another 35 bucks and now i have to wait for it to be returned to the school. and 5 bucks to have another ID printed. more money out the door.

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