Bad Luck Stories : 2012 January

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Posted by Thomas at January 31, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 January

I got through the last holidys fine I have ad my kidney stones reomved beofre the I got a cold. I was not sock on X-mas or new years. I never celibrate MLK Jr. day That is just like any other. I must work. I took too much becuase I felt ill. I the most dependible unless I am sick and I do get notes from doctors and all the dead wood needs to be fired and get some folks who need a job. If you are ASE certified you can be a machanic and work cars Iknow how to fix a desil engine. i jst fix three tractor trailer trucks. I work on cars too.

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Could have had better days

Posted by RJ at January 21, 2012
Tags: Broken Stuff   2012 January

This morning, I was going up to Raleigh for a photoshoot for the top players in NC for football this year. Me and my mom needed to fill up the gas tank, so we went to the ATM to get cash, and it was temporarily out of service. Having 14 miles to go before we were on E, we went to 4 other ATM's, 2 were out of service, and the other two were invalid transactions! When we got up to First Bank the car broke down and it was on low oil pressure. My mom went to the ATM at the bank, and it worked perfectly. COME ON! REALLY!

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