Bad Luck Stories : 2013 January

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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worst week ever

Posted by anonymous at January 11, 2013
Tags: 2013 January   Money

It started on Monday 7th 2013 i have been trying to start my own business for around 2 years now tried to get help but never got very far at all anyway the week before the 7th i decided to sell nearly everything i own to get my van and licensing cost around 5,000 i was so happy and Monday was going to be my first day as a self employed person come Monday i had around 7 removal jobs booked in for the day and it was going great just at the end of the working day i got a call to go to quote a job, i turn up and the guy says its all out back as im walking behind him he moves a fur tree branch out the way and it flings back and hits me right in the eye i could not see for all the water coming out the next day i wake up and still cant see anything in that eye i look in the mirror and my eye is a deep red i rush to hospital to be told its damaged my puple and im looking at min of 8 weeks to recover and that's only if i don't need surgery.
i was then reported to dvla as unfit to drive, on Wednesday i get a call from an insurance company i got a quote with and they decide to tell me they took the money out of my bank so they are insuring the van but i already have insurance when i tell them this they tell me they will refund the money but will be charging me fees after an argument on the phone i agree in order to get some money back. then today (Friday) i decide to sell the van only had it a week and cost me 1500 a guy comes and starts to point out a big gaping hole in the back of the van the door has been jimmied open at some point and i cant pop the bonnet as the lock is missing. i call the garage i brought it from he said what did you expect for 1500 and hung up so now i am medically in a bad way stuck with a van i cant use or sell and to skint to pay my rent and all this is because i wanted to try work for myself.

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