Bad Luck Stories : 2010 July

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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One stroke of bad luck and my life is over

Posted by anonymous at July 23, 2010
Tags: 2010 July   Trauma

Two days ago, I severed my penis of with a miter saw while trying to cut the angles for some new baseboard in my sauna.

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Always something 1

Posted by anonymous at July 19, 2010
Tags:   2010 July

I woke up to the smell of smoke and ran outside to see what it was only to see smoke billowing off of the next mountain. He says, "Are we going?" I said, "Yes, definitely!" as the neighbor pulls up in his jeep and says "There's a fire.You guys going to evacuate on this one?! I just put everything important into my shed and I'm staying." I said, "Yes, we're going for sure." Remembering that he'd put everything in his shed as He and I got the 5th wheel hooked to the truck. I then pulled our new van into the shed with all the off road vehicles, workout equipment and 'new house' saved items...there was no time to grab time to grab favorite truck to move, no time to grab other mustang no time to grab time. I grabbed one mustang and He drove one truck w/5th wheel out and down the mountain. We evacuated 5 different times, each time packing up the 5th wheel and never resting because the fire just kept coming! Day 2 I followed a fire truck back to see what was lost...The house, the shed and everything in it, the bed of my favorite truck all were gone...either melted to the ground or sitting in blackness. The ground was still smoldering as I realized that the ONLY thing that wasn't fully paid for and insured, the other mustang, had been spared!!

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July=Bad Luck Month

Posted by RJ at July 17, 2010
Tags:   2010 July

All of the stories you are about to read are 100% true.

The month of July has been very unlucky for me so far. I've gone through life carefree and on the most part, lucky. You don't have to believe me, but I know that all of these stories are 100% true and have changed my friends lives as well as my own.

1st. On July 1st, a couple friends and I were smoking marijuana and cruising around town. We get stopped by a police officer and I can not make this up. A black car literally walked in front of our car before the cop approached the vehicle. We ended up all getting arrested and one of my friends went to treatment for little over a year. I have a court date later in the year.

2nd. On July 3rd, my little brother hurt his hand in a firework accident. He is ok now, but he had to be rushed to the E.R. and had to wear a brace for a week.

3rd. On July 4th, my cousin stole $2oo from my grandmother, which ended up ruining our 4th of July. We are not wealthy at all so stealing $20...

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Have my clothes cut off.

Posted by Kristi at July 11, 2010
Tags: Health   2010 July   Money

I work for Galaxy Enterprises we make campers motor homes travler traier and RVs. We got out oof meeting with a dealer to sell our trailers and other fun things. When back began to hurt me and I pased from the pain and I woke up as my colleage was pulling in to the hospital with my personal car. I was in the ER. They would let undress myself the cut my coat skirt blouse slip floral pattern bra and matching panties stockings and pulled off my heels. If iwas told get undressed I would of I hate thamy black business suit and white blouse are ruined I don't care about my stockins slip bra and panties. My jewelery was carefully removedand no cuttng was involved there. Lady if you are ever and you go to the ER make sure you are wearing clothes you don't care about becuase there will be a chance that your clothes will be cut off of you. I made pay for the suit that they wrecked and the blouse too.

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