Bad Luck Stories : 2012 July

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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car driving lessons

Posted by Aleena at July 24, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 July

I hate my existence, my parents expect so much from me, but i know that at the end of the day its all for my own good.
Despite taking more than 30 driving lessons, im still crap at it, i just wish a miracle can happen, where for the next lesson i can be soo good that the bloody driving instructor would be amazed, its her who makes me nervous, i wish i had my own car as to which i can learn in, as the instructors some how just make me feel nervous the same feeling that i will not be up to their expectations.
And if i tell my parents they will consider me a complete stupid failiure.
I hate it all. And i have no one to talk to, inorder to take away the feeling of bottling it all up!
I just really want to be good at driving, to have my own independence, but my stupid capabilities are just not working as good as they were, since my crappy past of being bullied and completely taken the mick out way back in school, and then some time later, my little sister passed away in hospital, as she was very ill.
Why can't i feel that for once im in control of my life, where no matter what i still remain strong and confident.
I want to succeed. Hopefully i can amaze the bitch of a driving instructor that i can drive to the high standards for the test.

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two for one

Posted by kiwi at July 7, 2012
Tags: 2012 July   Relationship

I met a guy on a dating site i have been talking to for almost a month and had a great connection with. On july 4th went to a family barbeque and saw this man with my cousin. They were on there first date. I almost pee my pants because we obviously met him on the same site. So embarrassing. Every year in july i have bad luck. I wonder whats next to come.

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Food cut cam short

Posted by Kat at July 2, 2012
Tags: 2012 July   Weather

I went to camp and we supoose to be back unti mid July. Anight back we alsppe and it sarted raining that day at bout %AM the back of the cabin collapsed and we notice the creek behind the cabin haf flooded it banks from what we coukd see with the flash lights we all quickly got dress and wen the front some counselor ask if we were fine and the y counted to make sure we were all there they gave to collect our stuff from the cabin. and head for high ground luckily my car was on higher ground me and Autumn had a dry place and they they made all the cmpers leave I got my parking slip the I had show to leave We we got the bridge a ranger told that the beidge was floode with Hiogh beams all you was the tops of the guard rails He escorted me to the highway snthe other side of camp and I got lost and I ended 28 miles from where i should have which was the interstate we spend the rest of the night and all morning at a cheap roach infested Motel. I never wnat in a hole in the wall like that again. I wasin fear of being raped with all hispanica nad weiros and balck folks that looked suspicous. Why does stuff happen to me.

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