Bad Luck Stories : 2013 July

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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July fucking sucks

Posted by anonymous at July 5, 2013
Tags:   2013 July

I have bad luck every year around July. 5 consecutive years including what's happened so far in this one. Start with getting arrested August 2nd, 2009, then jump to another arrest July 27th, 2010, then jump to getting addicted to drugs, losing all my savings, being homeless, and losing my job all within July 2011 with the final blow being entering a rehab clinic that I'm still in debt to on July 23rd, 2011. Then we move to July 2012, where the girl I proposed to breaks up with me, fucks someone else, then moves to another state and immediately marries someone she met in person one single time. After that I relapsed onto xanax, borrowed money I couldn't pay back, and almost had sex with someone who had herpes. So far this July, and I'm only 5 days into it, but so far I've had another relationship end, I've injured myself, I'm in debt, and my car has been smashed up as drunken payback for telling someone they needed to get help for their drug problem. I can't imagine the prospect of 25 more days of this.

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