Bad Luck Stories : 2010 June

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Not worth it.

Posted by Jenni at June 21, 2010
Tags: 2010 June   Law   Party

Me and a freind of mine were via enternet becuase we both don't have long distance on our phones. we had got n idea she she woulddoit but I had do it too. She whan she was going she did do what said She did ametur night were women who not stripper would strip and win stuff Then it came my weekend in my area she live in difrent state and city. As do I. After I stripped and was watching another stripping the cops showed and it wa raid for drugs. They told all the men to leave then they moved al the girls to nother where we could be seen by everybody. They checked the women's clothes and gave them back to us so we could dress they we were cuffed and haul to jail. Not the best to spend my weekend. i was with indecent exposure lude acts and some other chrge I forget but It goes with other two. One of the dancer told the chrges would be dropped but I never heard anything on that. Never again I could lose my job over this I used to strip at paries but I think I will need to stop. It is not worth losing my job over. I just myboss don't find out becuase I could get fired. I hope there is no court date.

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More rain

Posted by Thomas at June 12, 2010
Tags: 2010 June   Weather

We are getting more rain the lakes are ar above summer pool and the are over full pool. In arkansas sevral folks got killed a d other got injured. A creeked flooded sevral popluar camp sites and when folkks were asleep becuase it happened at night. Last i heard some folks are stilll missing. I do not live near any body of water but I am not saying I wil not get flooded but too uch cancause problems for my freinds that live near Mirrior Lake Lake Buckcorn litle Tallapoosa River. Buck Creek and the Tallapoosa River Yes i know there two one is Haralson county water supply and other is Carool Conty water suplly along with Buck Creek and Lake Carroll Snakle creek is worse when it floods.

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Posted by Stephanie at June 8, 2010
Tags: Auto   2010 June   Law

I don't how this haapened but they had the drug dog do a search for frugs and they said could check our lockers and cars. My father bought used car. While they searching cars the hit on my car only out of 2,432 cars. iwas called to the parking lot to unlock my car. The officer searched and found a small amount of pott in the with a pipe some other drug items. they asked why i had drugs in my car I told enide it and i told them that never seen the stuff. they made dog sniff me but he dog did find anything on me. The took my pourse and searched it and found nothing The cop told me to put my hands on the car and he cuffed me. When got the female oficer told me to take off my jewelery and put it in my purse and she took my purse. she took another and told me to strip naked. She told she had to do a strip search. She gave an orange jump suit and told me to rtake shower. She let have my phne call and I called my father. He came with the history of the car. They would let bail me out until the next day. They think my father fabricated the history of my car. At my hear for bail i told the judge to please call the dealer. He did and he told me the car was bought at acution the police let me go but my car was taken All ended with was my tags. My father bought me new car and i know it has no drugs in it. It has that new car smell.

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Auto accident truama

Posted by Samantha at June 2, 2010
Tags: Accident   Auto   2010 June   Trauma

I had got int a terrible Accident on the intersate after another car hit from the side and I collided with a tractor trailer. Two tractor trailers and 3 cars were ivoloved in the accident and I got the worse part. I was knck out fro the impact of the tractor trailer. I woke to the doctors at he hospital cutting off my clothes. I was stripped nude the even cut off my bra and underwear. the cover witha sheet and tok me for X-rau\ys CAT scan anda head CT. I had some head truama my head was rapped up I was able to kep my hair on my head. chrges wre filed to the woman that cuased the accident and she was drunk when she hit me. My car is totaled. I sue for my car and oaib abd suffering. My back and neck never covered I am not paralized thank fuly just whiplash and some ruptured discs is all it is. Now have trouble remebering things. what do think about women drivers now.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at June 2, 2010
Tags: Health   2010 June

well my boyfriend plays football & one day he got a scar on his face while playin on the field , it was a real bad cut . so of course we make out alot & whatever but two weeks later ifound that istarted to get the same thing on my face . & it started spreadin to the back of my ear . my mom took me to the doctor & he said icaught Staph Infection from somebody . iwas like damn ! but he didnt know it was staph & neither did I .

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