Bad Luck Stories : 2012 June

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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untitled story

Posted by nadia at June 21, 2012
Tags: Computers   2012 June

so im in an intence sumer class in college. it stared two weeks ago next week will be on midterm. we were suposed to do an essay for every chapter we read 6 total,due next week and big 5 page essays due tomorow. i was bout done with all the essays and 4 days ago and my computer crashed loosing all my information and essays i had there. i took it to get it fixed yesturday i got it today and stared working on the big one again wish is due tomorow ... i was done with it went to go save it and the freaking computer freazes and theres no way to get it back... im so gona fail this class =/

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Rough day

Posted by anonymous at June 4, 2012
Tags:   2012 June

It's my first day taking over as manager of a struggling college book store and I'm talking to my employees about what I expect. I'm already nervous because I'm only a few years older (26) than they are (all students). I stretch out my hands to make a point and knock down a shelf full of books over my head. I get hit on the head by the spine of a huge hardcover calculus book and I'm knocked dizzy. Everybody laughs so I ignore the pain but I have a headache all day.

That night I have a dinner date. I'm meeting the parents of the guy I'm dating for the first time. He's a great guy, very traditional, and I want to make a good impression. I took asprin earlier in the day but now my head is splitting and I'm already sitting at dinner. I'm halfway through my plate of spaghetti and I get seriously nauseous and throw up all over my sun dress.

His mother insists on trying to clean it right then and there. I'm wearing his father's oversized jay cutler football jersey and I go to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and the room is spinning around. I'm thinking "no, no, don't faint, not here". I'm wearing socks and the floor is slick from vinyl cleaner, no rug. I do the splits (thank god I'm flexible), hit my chin on the toliet rim and really knock myself out this time. My boyfriend said his mother finds me first. My legs are in a full side split, knuckles on the ground, head pitched forward over the bowl. I'm bleeding from the mouth because I bite my tongue on the way down. I also pee my underwear. I must make quite a sight to his mom, talk about first impressions.

I wake up in an emergency room with a concussion and severe jaw injuries. I've missed all kinds of time at work. I still have bouts of headaches and blurry vision a month later.

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