Bad Luck Stories : 2012 March

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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My little bit of grief for this month

Posted by anonymous at March 24, 2012
Tags:   2012 March

My story isn't as gut-wrenching as some here, but here it is.

First week of March. Week of Jury Duty and work only pays for first day.

Second week. Rushed to emergency room for kidney stone. Insurance won't cover doctor's bill and only a small percentage of the others. Could only afford some of the meds out of pocket. Missed more work.

Third week. Found passport (yay) in wash (boo). Completely ruined (more mad that the stamp ink faded than anything). Still have five more years on it.

This week. Speeding ticket (I'll cop to that) on my way to work. Already have points on license. Friend got caught elsewhere.

Looking on bright side (still have my limbs, no one has died, etc), but these things do dim the view.

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exam luck

Posted by aryan at March 21, 2012
Tags:   2012 March

every time when results are out I run out of luck. I will end up having a backlog in one or the other subject. will miss the boundary line by just 2-3 marks. most of my friends who don't have hopes or clearing they do. I and some of my friends who have lost will apply for revaluation. they won't have any hopes but still they apply (their requirement will be around 8-10 marks or more) whereas I, I will sure that I will clear and keeping that in my mind I apply. when the results are out they would have cleared and for me not even a single mark would have changed. when they enjoy I will be standing in front of the notice board staring at my unchanged marks with mouth wide open. Till today I have applied around 20-25 papers in my whole career and not even once it did change. exams luck always runs out for me.

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