Bad Luck Stories : 2010 May

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Severe storms

Posted by Thomas at May 31, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Weather

We have one severe strom after another with hail wind frequint cloud to ground lightning and very heavy rain and floods. No tornados yet. It has been cloud but by tuesday they will less numerous. My weekend shot.

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Mistaken Identity

Posted by Jenny at May 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Mistakes

I was drive in my 66 convertible Mustang nice car. I looked and my rear view mirror and I saw apatrols coming and when I pulled overthink he was going to pass he pulled behind me. He asked for my lisenece. he to step out of the car. He asked if he could search it and I said yes I don't what did he told to put my hands on the car then he cuffed i told I was going to leave my purse. he searched my purse and found nothing. Iwas taken to the station becuase I match the descrition on a car theif. I was embaressed becuase they strip searched me. They let have after I was searched. I called my mother to come get me out they took my figer prints and my prints did not match and that told them I was guilty of car theft and the car I was was in my nmae so they the car is mine. My mother came and got me and the police waved the impound fee on my car.

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September the 22

Posted by Thomas at May 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Weather

I my brthday brings bad luck to other folks. It sems on my birthday every year we get some bad weather catatrpony. Two hurrricanes and the worst flooding in Georgia history. The hurr canes were Gilbert and Hugo. We tornados ofor few years and did it the south of a cty I live in. That is bad for folks. Maybe i should have birthday.

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 21, 2010
Tags: Job   2010 May

Things were looking up. I got a second job, while my first was working out really well. So I decided to help my brother out with a job. Unfortunately I had lied about certain qualifications for myself when having acquired the second job. My brother went in for the job interview, couldn't keep his mouth shut long enough to make it through his interview, blew my spot up. And now I've lost one job while the other one is coming to an end (temp position for the loss).

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home made nut cracker

Posted by bob at May 15, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Trauma

me and my family was walkin on broudway 9 by the way i live in missouri) and there was this party with a bunch of kids and they told me to do somethin so i rode my board on this big as hill! when i got to the bottem i kicked the tail and it hit me in my nuts ........ so i collapesed and started to gag, it hurt like hek so 5 days later i cant feel my legs nore my stuff so wat the hell i made myself look dumb in front of all those collage people.

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Bad luck

Posted by Anon at May 13, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Money

See if you can beat our bad luck! My wife and I put all our life savings into a new apartment and in the process we had to take out a hefty loan for a 35 year period. I work every job I could whenever I could I had an extra 3 jobs and my wife worked like crazy too. One fine day one of our neighbors decided to do start a part-time job as a mechanic making a whole range of noises until 10 at night. I took him to court and he finally stops his act after 2 years. Then as soon as I solved one problem another neighbour with a mental illness starts yelling and fighting with her husband and kids 24/7. We had enough so we decided to sell regardless of the losses we endure. We decide to rent out a place to live in peace and try to sell. I get seriously sick, loose my job but we find a buyer for our apartment. As soon as I find a buyer an architect finds out the design of the apartent is flawed meaning I cannot sell the place. Life is an obstacle race that never ends. I am confused they say God exists! If he does he is a sadist!What the hell did I do to deserve this

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 10, 2010
Tags: 2010 May   Trauma

Since my Freshmen year of high school I have been plagued with injury.

Freshmen year:
Broke my left tibia. (Spiral fracture)
Broke my right hand. (Middle bone)

Sophmore year:
Numerous left shoulder dislocations resulting in open shoulder surgery.

Junior year:
Numerous right shoulder dislocations resulting in scoped shoulder surgery.
Dislocated left hip, pulled growth plate apart.

Senior year:
...wait nothing actually happened that year. Well there was that one time my face met a mountain and I got knocked out...

College Freshmen year:
Torn left knee meniscus resulting in scoped knee surgery.

^^^ So there is the list. I am still having a lot of aches and pains in my joints and popping. I have a lot of lean muscle but I am super flexible too, perhaps that is it? I have heard physical therapists say my entire body is hyper-flexible.

So is this just a string of bad luck? Or could something else actually be wrong I should look into?

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 8, 2010
Tags:   2010 May

across my life i just been a collection of bad luck moments i almost never had a complete smooth word done or moment in my life , even ppl sometime get shocked when they see what happens to me in the ordenarry day!

for 2 days i just planed to go to qatar cos tommrow and after tommorw is vecation..then i just faced a ticket problem even the flight is emptey! then my the water and ofr the first time in muhrraq(a town i live in) gets off for 4 days!! my mom takes all of my clothes and take it ot lundury without asking me, then i decided to go without clothes now my flight is after 3 hours and there is a Consolation ibfron of our door and the road is closed!!!!! thats just a simple day of my life

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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 3, 2010
Tags: Accident   2010 May

Well i was at my friends house the other night, drinking and smoking when i go to light a bowl with a white lighter...

Apartently its bad luck to even hold a white lighter.. So my friend slapps it out of my hand and proceeds to stomp on it with his boot while yelling "GET THAT FUCKING BAD VOODOO LIGHTER OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!".. needless to say this isn't wasn;t a good thing to do with a lighter full of butane

BAM!!!! the lighter blows up in his kitchen and he says "FUCK DOOD I TOLD YOU THOSE THINGS WERE BAD LUCK... LOOK WHAT IT DID!!"

WHY ARE WHITE LIGHTERS considered back luck?

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christmas present

Posted by shawn at May 3, 2010
Tags: Broken Stuff   2010 May

So, I have(or had) a laptop I got for christmas 08 and it was a really good laptop, it was starting to act weird like not charging and stuff and so my mom took it in and it got fixed and I had to pay the 258 dollar bill f***, I dont have a job or anything so it sucked!!! like what the hell so I turn it on works fine download limewire because my other one wasn't working and it screws the hard drive or some shit now it is going to cost 350 bucks and I am not paying anymore money this is a joke I hadnt even had the fucking laptop for an hour before it got broken and so I flushed 258 down the drain and I feel terrible because my mom bought this for my xmas present a little while ago.

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