Bad Luck Stories : 2011 May

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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what next?

Posted by timmy at May 9, 2011
Tags: Health   2011 May   Money

In one week, I get a speeding ticket, my mother dies, my kid gets a double ear infection, my cv axel goes out in my truck, I get to figure a way to help pay for a 10 thousand dollar funeral, my gold fish dies, while I'm gone a lot taking care of stuff my dog pisses all over my house and tears my garbage apart in my house, I miss a weeks load of college and get docked some points so good by deans list, my boyfriend is totally not understanding why I don't get his laundry done and wants to yell at me about it. Like I said what the hell is next! I finally just got to the point of such anger I could only look at the sky and say "GOOD ONE!"

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it cant get worse

Posted by drew at May 1, 2011
Tags: Job   Law   2011 May   Money   Relationship

2 months ago I moved into new house with a wonderful girl. Next day I got fired for stupid reasons from pizza place I was working at. 1 week later I get pulled over and my license is suspended evidently from a previously unpaid speeding ticket, so no license and had to sell car to pay fine. Move forward another week the girl breaks up with me shortly after we got a place together. Move up 2 more weeks I get court papers for a incident that happened many yrs ago so I may go to jail for a few years. So from complete bliss with new house (my first own place) with a girl I loved entirely and a cute puppy to carless licenseless jobless moving back in with parents and could go to jail because no one I know has money for good attorney. And my puppy is a adorable pain in the butt. Go from peaceful and quiet own place to hectic parents with many pets and little kids running around. Truly a messed up life right now

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