Bad Luck Stories : 2012 May

Bad Fortune Stories submitted by real people.

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Posted by Thomas at May 13, 2012
Tags: Health   2012 May

I am is some bad and it is not kidney stone this time is some type od cyst. It mad my back and legs hurt and now my leg and back or fine but my left hip hurts and I can't sit for long eproids of without being in pain so i lay in bed and watch TV. I need to fugure out smeway to sit withou bing inpain. Worse mother Day ever.

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Wrong place.... wrong time

Posted by anonymous at May 6, 2012
Tags: Auto   2012 May

Just went to a wedding tonight. I intended to return the dress pants that I bought for it because they weren't very comfortable. Left wedding at 11pm and car broke down on a remote country road. Called and waited about 30 minutes for brother to bring me gas during which time a suspicious car with tinted windows passed me 4 times. Finally my brother brought me gas.... about 1/5 of a gallon of it. Car still didn't start. Had to have him take me to a gas station to get more gas. Finally got back and put another 3 gallons in. Still didn't start (also checked oil levels; fine). Had to have him give me a ride home only to immediately get pulled over by the cops. Apparently it was prom night for a local high school and there were a lot of pranks. Sadly, I was wearing very prom-esque clothing and I was suspiciously parked on the side of the road about a fifty yards from a bunch of pranks. Also, my 23 year old brother who was driving didn't have his license on him to prove he wasn't in high school. Needless to say my pants that I had intended to return weren't very clean anymore after checking my oil and pushing my car to the side of the road. My only saving grace was my own ID and the fact that my car wouldn't start. Altogether a pretty disastrous night.

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